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3rd Podcast!

The 3rd! Master Control Cast. We talk about achievements, lost and damned, world of warcraft, sega genesis,star wars force unleashed and the touchy subject that is the horror movie Eden Lake. Stay tuned for the 3rd podcast!

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MMO-Champion has up the World of Warcraft patch notes for patch 3.1. Lots of changes and  many I dont have any beefs with! What a suprise! I definintly will be speaking to a few of these come the podcast.  Especially the new pets and mounts.

Its been a busy morning encoding. I was given a bunch of wmv files to encode to flv. Some files encoded just fine and the others failed. First trick is I was able to turn 2 of them into 720×480 avi’s and after a few attempts they outputted just fine.  After creating a new flv profile the  last file seems to be encoding but stopping at 3:35, it’s Total run time, or TRT as we call it. Not sure why. Maybe i’ll post later with what we find. Oh!  I also found out a interesting bit that I have to write down. It’ on how to tell if a video’s size is 4×3.  My case is The wmv’s  I have are 480×360. Divide 480/360 and you’ll get 1.3333. If the number is divisble and ends up with 1.3333 it’s 4:3!

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Had a good listen to the podcast over a very relaxing weekend. I really have to apologize for the loudness of the music at times. I was working in a stereo mix on some songs and mono for the rest.  Couple that with being too lazy to copy and paste into a new track, it made for some bad parts. Andrew Kenny is going to export some more American Analog Set tracks for us, minus the vocals, so i’ll have a cleaner edit and it wont take as long.   I feel honored he’s letting us use their music as a backdrop.  Anywho,It’s a learning process of sorts so just bear with  us if you can.  Another thing from last week’s podcast is  the link for the Half life 2 Escape from City 17 video.  It’s pretty good well worth checking out!

This weeks Master Control Cast is looking to be a day later. Real world stuffs coming in. Pshaw. Real world.   Thinkin’ well talk about The PS3 release “Flower”, more Lost and Damned DLC – I think we’ll get more into the gameplay aspect of it. Mass Effect, because the trailer just dropped for Mass Effect 2.  I’ve also been on a mission to hit 70 with my death knight by friday. Currently at 66 so we’ll see! Force Unleashed is looking pretty nice at 44.99 and Street Fighter 4 is out so we might talk about that?  And as usual the “Lost” talk.

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2nd podcast!

We talk about the half life 2 fan video, left 4 dead and World of Warcraft! Our friend jack comes along for the train wreck we call the 2nd podcast

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Steve jobs sent me a email (did you know he personally responds whenever you email anything to mac?) saying that the podcast uploaded to itunes.We should be pumped right? Maaaan, turns out there were some serious grammar errors and worst of all no picture which makes me go something something. So I updated the feed, even force ping’d a update. Everything else updated but the picture. Hopefully the image appears on the itunes store soon enough. I really like it. We are search-able but not on the list of video games. Guess we’re too small time for now.

Today’s tech comes from a wonderful company I used to do work for. I went to their podcast and vodcast page only to find a load of problems with the video’s. Some had the audio outputting in the left channel, one didnt play at all and their audiocasts were just flat out awful. Furthermore they’re not up on itunes at all! From my experience a lot of companies want to track the traffic and the only real means is to track from your own site. There are ways through feeds to montior the scope of your traffic such as I am doing but it can be more cost effective to do it on your own when under budgetary conditions. So, I passed along some tips. Maybe they’ll listen. I might even re-encode for free for them as i’m sure they just choose the wrong output swf settings or something simple like that.

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Back to the future

WoW Insider had a opinion post today requesting, “please give me something to grind”. I couldn’t agree more. Wrath has it’s great moments but it’s lasting ability has diminished for me. I could supplement leveling with dungeon runs that also gave rep which helped for some end game enchants. They still have this but at level 80. It’s a good article so I wont rehash that but I hope that they bring back the ability to work in some leveling of some sort in dungeons while leveling.

It got me thinking about when the moment to bring the 300lb gorilla into the podcast should be. The answer after much soul searching this weekend is that we’ll save this for when our friend jack joins us. He’s going to be our special guest star who will appear for 4 episodes, cause us to not to enter in the numbers, and then die in a scene that we totally setup and you see coming a mile away. He plays off how much he knows but we’ll let him talk to his hearts content.

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FIRST! Follow up

Yo. I wanted to make a followup to the post with a little more 411 for anyone who stumbles across The Master Control Cast podcast. …So we did our first podcast last night after a few brews from Chuddy Catering aka: ME. We talked about a few things video games and movies. It’s nothing serious like the big kids (and some of our favorites) Giantbombcast and 1up now renamed listen up but y’know. We do our thing. So what is our thing?

Man. I dont even know. Kidding. You can check the about page for a lil bit of the scoop on the DL but rill quick. We both work for a video production company in philadelphia. Any self respecting video production house or studio has a master control room where all the suites are connected and controlled from. Hence. Master Control. Rich works in the engineering room off of the control room, fixing any number of things that are broken by the people using the decks and control. And this is where I come in. I am the people coming in and breaking things. Sounds like a perfect start of a relationship! Anyways we just started talkin one day and from then on out the rest is as they say “history”. We’ll add some friends here and there down the road but right now it’s just the two of us. Check back any friday and we’ll have the podcast up for listening! You can subscribe to the feed if you follow this link or check in itunes (though I just submitted the link this morning for approval).

edit: I ALSO made a facebook profile. We’re all web 2.0 here k?

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1st Podcast!

Our first podcast where we talk about some demos, the tv show lost and movies!

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