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FIRST! Follow up

Yo. I wanted to make a followup to the post with a little more 411 for anyone who stumbles across The Master Control Cast podcast. …So we did our first podcast last night after a few brews from Chuddy Catering aka: ME. We talked about a few things video games and movies. It’s nothing serious like the big kids (and some of our favorites) Giantbombcast and 1up now renamed listen up but y’know. We do our thing. So what is our thing?

Man. I dont even know. Kidding. You can check the about page for a lil bit of the scoop on the DL but rill quick. We both work for a video production company in philadelphia. Any self respecting video production house or studio has a master control room where all the suites are connected and controlled from. Hence. Master Control. Rich works in the engineering room off of the control room, fixing any number of things that are broken by the people using the decks and control. And this is where I come in. I am the people coming in and breaking things. Sounds like a perfect start of a relationship! Anyways we just started talkin one day and from then on out the rest is as they say “history”. We’ll add some friends here and there down the road but right now it’s just the two of us. Check back any friday and we’ll have the podcast up for listening! You can subscribe to the feed if you follow this link or check in itunes (though I just submitted the link this morning for approval).

edit: I ALSO made a facebook profile. We’re all web 2.0 here k?

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1st Podcast!

Our first podcast where we talk about some demos, the tv show lost and movies!

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