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Back to the future

WoW Insider had a opinion post today requesting, “please give me something to grind”. I couldn’t agree more. Wrath has it’s great moments but it’s lasting ability has diminished for me. I could supplement leveling with dungeon runs that also gave rep which helped for some end game enchants. They still have this but at level 80. It’s a good article so I wont rehash that but I hope that they bring back the ability to work in some leveling of some sort in dungeons while leveling.

It got me thinking about when the moment to bring the 300lb gorilla into the podcast should be. The answer after much soul searching this weekend is that we’ll save this for when our friend jack joins us. He’s going to be our special guest star who will appear for 4 episodes, cause us to not to enter in the numbers, and then die in a scene that we totally setup and you see coming a mile away. He plays off how much he knows but we’ll let him talk to his hearts content.

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