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Steve jobs sent me a email (did you know he personally responds whenever you email anything to mac?) saying that the podcast uploaded to itunes.We should be pumped right? Maaaan, turns out there were some serious grammar errors and worst of all no picture which makes me go something something. So I updated the feed, even force ping’d a update. Everything else updated but the picture. Hopefully the image appears on the itunes store soon enough. I really like it. We are search-able but not on the list of video games. Guess we’re too small time for now.

Today’s tech comes from a wonderful company I used to do work for. I went to their podcast and vodcast page only to find a load of problems with the video’s. Some had the audio outputting in the left channel, one didnt play at all and their audiocasts were just flat out awful. Furthermore they’re not up on itunes at all! From my experience a lot of companies want to track the traffic and the only real means is to track from your own site. There are ways through feeds to montior the scope of your traffic such as I am doing but it can be more cost effective to do it on your own when under budgetary conditions. So, I passed along some tips. Maybe they’ll listen. I might even re-encode for free for them as i’m sure they just choose the wrong output swf settings or something simple like that.

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