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Had a good listen to the podcast over a very relaxing weekend. I really have to apologize for the loudness of the music at times. I was working in a stereo mix on some songs and mono for the rest.  Couple that with being too lazy to copy and paste into a new track, it made for some bad parts. Andrew Kenny is going to export some more American Analog Set tracks for us, minus the vocals, so i’ll have a cleaner edit and it wont take as long.   I feel honored he’s letting us use their music as a backdrop.  Anywho,It’s a learning process of sorts so just bear with  us if you can.  Another thing from last week’s podcast is  the link for the Half life 2 Escape from City 17 video.  It’s pretty good well worth checking out!

This weeks Master Control Cast is looking to be a day later. Real world stuffs coming in. Pshaw. Real world.   Thinkin’ well talk about The PS3 release “Flower”, more Lost and Damned DLC – I think we’ll get more into the gameplay aspect of it. Mass Effect, because the trailer just dropped for Mass Effect 2.  I’ve also been on a mission to hit 70 with my death knight by friday. Currently at 66 so we’ll see! Force Unleashed is looking pretty nice at 44.99 and Street Fighter 4 is out so we might talk about that?  And as usual the “Lost” talk.

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