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GBU for “The Pitt” (the 2nd Fallout 3 DLC)

The Good – Anything that extends the Fallout 3 experience for me is good. New area that becomes part of the F3 environment, as opposed to Operation Anchorage where I’ve read that once you’re done….you’re done, no goin back, they tell you you’re free to come and go as you wish in the pitt.  Addicting feching quest(steel ingots!), which not only give you an acheivement when you get all 100, but you get a piece of new gear for every 10 you find. Deep moral tug’o’war in the storyline that really makes you question if you’re making the right choices. Slight graphical improvements made to the 360 version that should’ve been there in the 1st place.

The Bad – As much as I like the storyline, it feels pretty rushed when you get to the climax. Coulda used more quests, when you’re done, you really feel like there should’ve been more, missed opportunties with the new environment IMO. New enemies known as the Trog, can be pretty annoying when they sneak up on you, you wonder why your character is getting beat up all of sudden. Challenge is pretty easy if you’re a maxed out character, Bethesda should’ve raised the level cap with the 1st DLC.

The Ugly – The bugs people went through when the DLC 1st hit xbox live, so much that they had to take it down and fix it. The bloody mess you leave your enemies in after a meeting with your auto axe.

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GBU for Street Fighter 4

Ok, so after talking a little on the 7th podcast I’m going to drop a GBU on ST4.

Good – The Updating of graphics to somewhat match the 360. It reminds me a heck of a lot of WoW. Huge shoulders, over the top animations and effects. Simple enough game play to step in on but hard to master. The controls are the same so older gamers will associate with previous incarnations of moves. The Xbox360 controler does have limitations and once I actually sat down and devoted some time to get it, i got it enough to use in a match. It’s a learning curve.

The bad – The computer being cheap is still there. The multiple charge moves as rich mentioned are very evident and still there. Also this is a slight reflection on a good so it’s NOT that bad. Ok? Ready? It’s not super crisp graphically like Gears is/was. Everyone’s eye is different and in my opinion it’s fine but the more picky people, like the ones who severely dislike WoW’s graphics, will probably not like ST4.

The Ugly – 2nd round of seth + Cheap computer moves will make you want to scream.

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WoW cast (Stuff like that)

Jack came over and waxed PHILLYsophical on a very in depth special WoW cast.Listen to a VERY special WoW edition.

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7th Podcast!

Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, the D pad more like the EFF YOU PAD, The new Zelda game Spirit Tracks, and as usual the LOST talk! Listen to the 7th Podcast RIGHT NOW

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Rock Star!

Last night was a bit too much of a party for lost. I confess that I did in all likely hood maybe could have drank a wee bit too much. I am in a word : Hungover. However that is not all that important. What is, what happened to me this afternoon. I decided to step out with a co-worker for lunch. He said he had to go to the bank so we walked in the opposite direction of where we were to eat. We take a few steps and who do I see walk by but Bobby Gillepsie of Primal Scream. So I run up like a little school girl. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMOMG ARE YOU BOBBY GILLEPSIE. I knew it, he knew I knew it but, what a gigtantic ass I would be if he wasen’t. And that would totally happen to me.

So I tell him man I’m a massive primal scream fan, I didn’t feel the need to tell him I wrote essay’s about him in high school back in 1997. I mean, who really wants to write about Jane Eyre..I sure as hell didn’t. Anyways, he invited me to come to the show tonight! Yeah yeah. I didn’t have tix. I dont really like blowing 29$ for myself for a show that’s a hour long. Primal scream’s latest album wasent that good. After 19’re going to toss out stinkers. I don’t want to see them go the way of The Who or Paul Mccartney who just cant give up the fame. ANYWAYS. I’m also old and spoiled having paid to go see shows a handfull of times over the past 5 years. My cuz worked for Clear Channel and we got free tix all the time. (I’ll save the Justin Timberlake story for another day). Anyways so we’ll be seeing the scream tonight. If by on the list, it’s BACKSTAGE..then we’lli know how fast my hangover will go away. ha ha. For those that don’t know the scream. peep this.

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Nintendo, gimmie some love….

I guess nintendo has something to say otherwise they wouldn’t really do a keynote address. Can we get another Wii-music? Mother f’r said ice cream. It’s a played out rant, the whole nintendo has nothing for “hardcore” gamers so I wont go there. How about just some games we can play? I dont NEED another halo or gears or WoW. How about a game I actually will enjoy playing. Maybe they’ll announced a new Zelda though I wasen’t a fan of twilight princess the little I played of it. It’s still 49.99 which I find laughable for a game as old as it is.

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Street Fightin’

So I picked up Street Fighter 4 and upon sitting down at home promptly was destroyed. So, of course this means that rich will have to school me on what to do. It’s been so long, i’m talking 10-15 years long since I can last recall actually playing SF-2. I’m curious if the difficultly for a older, although that’s silly me being not even 30 yet, will translate into other games that I remember being insano hard even as a mini-rainman style I had as a kid on the nintendo. Like. wait for it. Mike tyson’s punch out.

On a news note. Fallout 3’s Pitt DLC was released today. Although Kotaku is reporting that the game isent quite right, that’s ok to me. Test away users! So now it’s down to only one more DLC release and I’ll be back into that wonder-full world that is fallout 3. I cant wait. I love the game. It’s one of the games for me I wish i could hit restart on my life and play through experiencing all the joys it gave.

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Boz Time

Every friday, 4pm. It’s boz time. Sit back. Don’t Care. Let ‘r ride and set sail to the rest of your afternoon because everything is better after Boz time.

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6th Podcast!

Killzone 2, Wario Shake it, horror movies, and lost is back on the agenda. Boom. Here is 6th Podcast!the

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Shine a Light

Last night while playing the Death Knight I decided to take a break from leveling. In addition to do a few “dailies” most notably the Grizzly Hills ones (trying to get the achievement) and then headed back to Dalaran for the Cooking daily. It just so happens that as I turned in the Daily the portal to Wintergrasp was about to be opened. I got lucky and was sent an inv for a raid too! We kind of stomped the horde there really wasen’t much of a defense. I dont care if you have 75k health 10 players are going to eventually kill you when focus fired. Y’know?

So like a smart player, being 74 and all,ha ha I didn’t attempt to get into hand to hand combat. I went straight for the tank and took over the cannon. Just blasting away. It was pretty glorious. I highly suggest any non-80 character man the cannon in a tank. You’re not really relegated to the situation of having less HP than someone else and the Miss Chance being 6 levels below them. In any case we managed to win and I got a few achievements.

Feeling a tinge of luck after the match I went the battlemaster to check what the BG daily happened to be. The daily was WSG. Ugggggh. I’ve had runs of 20 losses in a row in WSG. It’s just not fun for me. It’s the bane of my existence. Whatever. Dammit. I’ll just do ONE for the Dinner Impossible achievement then afk out. Odd thing happened. We had 10 people zone in. !? A sign? I’ve been accostomed to the 10v3 situations. Another sign! We mount up and about half the team takes mid. Another sign! So a paladin and I head for the flag. We grab it and run like hell. On our way back a few horde put up a slight fight. By slight I mean a person with no chance running up on two very obviously, well wsg versed. We blew the cooldowns at the perfect time. He stunned, then I silenced. Then froze in place. We just destroyed them. As he turned in the flag and did a lol. We mount up and this time it my turn to grab the flag. Unholy presence gogo!! So In-stead of running down the tunnel towards the fighting I head out of the main room and hug the wall around the zone. Funny thing is as I left the front door, 4 horde spawn. But I’m behind them. They dont see me! ANOTHER SIGN!Flag carrier achievement INC! So continuing to hug the wall I make it back to the base without even so much as one person hitting me! DING. 2-0. I rapidly race out of the room. It’s now turned into a HK fest in mid and our flag had already been picked up. Long story short the third flag gets turned in the same as the 2nd. Winning 3-0 in WSG, for me, is one of the rarest things in game to happen to me. And I get it on my first WSG on the DK. I logged wow right then and there. No better cap to my night than that in wow. 🙂

In other news it was announced that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore got hitched. Yes this is a gamer blog and yeah Mandy Moore child pop star blah blah blah. I love me some of that music Ryan makes. Good on him for finding someone to put up with him. Shit, I’m still surprised I got someone to!

and lastly but really the most important….We have a podcast tonight, got a few things lined up, rich has been slacking I mean..uhhh..sick. Lets hope dude is up for some game talk. I’ve got some Wario to praise!

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I got a free friend pass to join warhammer online. I’ve been wanting to check it out for awhile now. Just because i’d like to see what else is going on in other mmo’s. WoW has been enough for me. I learned this after trying out the Utterly awful Hellgate London and the lesser awful Lotro. Lotro isent that bad, i’m being mean. I just enjoy wow that much. I have so much invested in it already that for me to devote that much time to another thing with no one i know would be utterly foolish. I’ve kind of said that whenever the time comes to move on from WoW that will be the end of mmo’s. WoW is this odd flash in the pan for me. Heck it is for the whole gaming world. I’ve never done a game like it before and I’m not so sure something like it can happen again. There’s more to it but anyways. I got a pass and would like to check it out this weekend sometime.

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Lego Harry Potter?

According to 1up this might be a reality. I’m in favor of a Harry Potter franchise being turned into something better than any of the Harry Potter games out now. It’s not too much to ask for a good game that has such an enjoyable back story already written. Not sure about the Indian Jones one. I didn’t find it that enjoyable. It was a lot better on the wii than the 360. Even with the drop in graphics. Maybe I just felt more into the game due to the controls. Maybe it’s just the whole fanboi in me that wants to run around Hogwarts and eating cookies all day.

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5th Podcast!

Yo! We talk about Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Ninja Gaiden, Used games, Yo mammy (yes yours!), more Star Wars ranting! The 5th Podcast!

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Rock Band

We recorded the podcast last night, 5th one! Boom. That should be up later tonight. We talked about a lot of stuff and was a lot of fun as usual. We talked a little about Rock Band/Guitar hero’s track packs. I’d like to add something I was thinking about afterward’s. I’d see a Rock Band Track pack for my favorite of music. Brit-Pop. You heard it here first. This thing would sell like HOTCAKES in the rest of the world. Calling it. Right. Here. and. now. I’m going to go on the precedent set by AC/DC with Rock band already. Although Aerosmith’s Guitar Hero Pack released with 40+ songs on it. That would make this list a joke to complete. But still. I’ll keep it simple.

So without further adieu

In no order

The Brit-Rock-Rock Band track pack. (address royalities to me for this idea kk?)

1. Connection – Elastica
2. Parklife – Blur
3. Common People – Pulp
4. Lucky Man – The Verve
5. Trash – Suede
6. Twisterella – Ride
7. Hundred Mile High City – Ocean Color Scene
8. Wide Open Space – Mansun
9. Hey Dude – Kula Shaker
10. Alright – Supergrass
11. Dolphin – Shed Seven
12. Alison – Slowdive
13. One to Another – Charlatans UK
14. Bartender and the Thief – Stereophonics
15. Roll With it – Oasis
16. Country House – blur
17. Fools Gold – Stone Roses
18. Step On – Happy Mondays
19. Good Enough – Dodgy
20. Slight Return – Bluetones
21. Australia – Manic Street Preachers
22. Olympian – Gene
23. Paranoid Android – Radiohead

Now. Tell me that wont sell millions.

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POP! pt.2

We’re still popin’ and tappin’ and mackin’ and relaxin’. While I think other podcasts sound a lot worse than ours we can still improve in ours. One thing is the p’s when we talk. It’s the PUH that gets picked up. If you listen to podcasts you generally accept that this is just something that happens due to the proliferation of people using headsets. In any case, we use mic’s. Going into a mixer. We also have the fortune to record at my house. The instance is a good example of a mixture of this. Scott records on what sounds like, to me, a actual mic whereas randy calls in via skype. It’s difficult to say why but I guess headset’s have a certain metallic “hiss” that I hear while listening with headphones on.

In any case! We’re going to be buying Pop-Filters from zzounds. I’m a big fan of them. They’re based out of NJ so shipping to me is quite fast. Their customer service is pretty decent when I’ve had to use them. To be honest I value that a lot. So, the pop filter is nice but we also have a nasty tendency to wave our arms around like say, someone who comes up for air after jumping into freezing cold water not realizing it was. So we need to get shock-mounts. I’m not sure what shockmounts that are out there that fit my mic’s so that might be a backseat thing. I use some pretty cheap Samsun R21’s but they work for just voice recording.

In a professional setting I would suggest other mic’s. A Shure SM58 as a do it all type of mic. Most bands use this mic for recording and i’ve seen a WEALTH of live venue’s have this as their mic. It tends to pic up many ranges of sounds. It’s also like a Marshall Amp in that you can beat it up and it will still keep on ticking. The more professional companies see: companies who want to spend money would probably be looking at a Neumann Mic or higher end Shure Mic’s.

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Double R’s 1st Post!

Wut up people’s, the less-than-professional half of the mastercontrolcast here(gotta give the Chud man mad propz for gettin us goin!). I was just checkin the post he made about Bioshock 2….and, umm, yeah….I’m pretty wary myself too. Bioshock was like, my favorite game of 2007, in year where alot of hotness dropped(Halo3 and Portal, I’m lookin at U sons!), they have a lot to live up. I mean if we got some of the same peeps on the development team on board, maybe something special can happen again….but when 2K games are talkin multi sequels, I’m afraid they wanna start milkin before they even get to the farm!

So JC is spot on with the music analogy, but I’m a different beast of a hip-hop fan than he is, I takes my ish more seriously than most….don’t worry holmes, I don’t know too many heads who think Biggie’s 2nd is better than the 1st. But I gotta do a 180 and seriously disagree on the Nas comment…Illmatic, classic of course…It Was Written, pretty dang solid too…I Am, that’s where he started to drop off, it was so-so…Nastradamus, weeeeeaaaak….but he must’ve been hit with the reality stick after that, cuz Stillmatic was once again another classic, and everything after that has been extremely tight, I’d say an 8 or better(especially Hip Hop Is Dead)….but that’s just me, Chud man knows I’m way passionate about my hip-hop….I still die a little inside when I see what mainstream rap has become…oh well life goes on…..and cats on the underground tip are still makin it happen.

As I predicted last week, my moment of weakness came while at Target tonight, I picked up Killzone 2 and cannot wait sink my choppers into that bad boy….gotta get some stuff done around the crib this weekend, but I should be able to talk to it a bit for the show next week….later peoples!

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4th! Podcast

Rich and I got together to talk about more Lost and Damned, Brooklyn Chocolate Stouts, Warschtiner, Star Wars force unleashed, ALL the controllers back to the Atari 3600? Join us for our latest installment yo!4th_podcast

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Man. 1up reported that this website is a bioshock trailer. Man. Rich and I loved this game. Sometimes I worry about follow up’s to games I really enjoy. As with everything in life I relate it to music. Bands that release a good first album usually hone their skillz next time around and make a better 2nd album. My Morning Jacket (It still moves) ,Oasis (Morning Glory), Ride (Going Blank Again), Smiths (Meat is Murder) , Shed Seven (Maximum High) , Verve, (Northern Soul), Slowdive (Soulvaki), Stereophonics (Performance and C-tails), American Analog Set (From our living room). On the other side you have the great entrances then the 2nd album drop off’s. Some people will say Biggie’s second album was better, myself I dont see it but, that’s ok. Nas did nothing after Illmatic. The Stone Roses while liking the Second Coming was NOWHERE near as good as the first. The Charlatans followed up Some Friendly with a much lesser 10th and 11th. WHATEVER. Just sayin.

Bioshock could be good or bad. hehe. Yes. I play the middle. My hope is that they take some of the problems with bioshock and improve it a little while keeping the core gameplay there. Like more space. I’m a fan of space. We’re in at the beginning of the Digital Revolution right now. I know we probably wont really see the “bigger” games until we move into the next gen consoles and game companies start really flexing the blu-ray’s capabilities. I’m not meaning oh we have 6 more feet of view space. Just meaning better movies, akin to Star Wars’s Force unleashed and GTA, better animations. Maybe I just have a ton of hope. 🙂 They call me a dreamer.

I’ll have the edit finished for the podcast by this weekend. It went really well. We’re starting to move along nicely now. We did run a little long on the TRT so apologies in advance. We’re trying to keep things around 1 hour-1:15 in length for now. Problem is there is a certain person who tends to babble (See: ME).

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The Master control?

Rich sent a link today containing the tree of controllers. Man this brought back some memories. I think we’re going to add a little discussion of controllers and how they’ve evolved this week!

In other news wowinsider posted a contest where you win 100$ to this site. I’ll first go on a limb and say that this site has well means and there will totally be a audience to what they have but it wont be me. A guild t-shirt is kind of going too far into nerddom. And this coming from a guy that goes pretty far into it. Deep Space 9 anyone? Especially since the current guild design I made for mine is a beer barrell. Or is it some kind of bomb. I don’t even know. But I can say that it wont be on a shirt on this body.

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Snow days

Last night we were told we would get 8-12 inches of snow! Center City residents got about 2. It’s interesting that as weathermen/women, they can be wrong half the time and still have a job. I’m one of the few here in the office. That’s dedication folks.

The Master Control cast’s 3rd podcast is up and running! The room that used to house boxes and various things I never wanted to look at is now shaping up to look more like a place to record stuff than anything else! It’s been about 5 years in the making but we all get there in the end right? I brought up a old zenith tv I had and now maybe we can score some sega genesis cables and go old style! Although it would be really neat to run an emulator for all the old systems in one box. Like the xbox?So the simple question to ask is : Can we slap in a good sized harddrive, add the emulator for each system and play them with xbox controllers? Maybe we can talk about how to do that.

Another thing that is on my “to talk about list” is how to make the podcast sound better. Of course we’re on a learning curve here since it’s all on our own. Not quite sure if a “how to” is needed but we can speak to a bunch of audio equipment we have. I’m a big fan of They’re pretty reliable and usually fast with their shipping. We’re still a few weeks away from a total setup. See : need money.

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