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Snow days

Last night we were told we would get 8-12 inches of snow! Center City residents got about 2. It’s interesting that as weathermen/women, they can be wrong half the time and still have a job. I’m one of the few here in the office. That’s dedication folks.

The Master Control cast’s 3rd podcast is up and running! The room that used to house boxes and various things I never wanted to look at is now shaping up to look more like a place to record stuff than anything else! It’s been about 5 years in the making but we all get there in the end right? I brought up a old zenith tv I had and now maybe we can score some sega genesis cables and go old style! Although it would be really neat to run an emulator for all the old systems in one box. Like the xbox?So the simple question to ask is : Can we slap in a good sized harddrive, add the emulator for each system and play them with xbox controllers? Maybe we can talk about how to do that.

Another thing that is on my “to talk about list” is how to make the podcast sound better. Of course we’re on a learning curve here since it’s all on our own. Not quite sure if a “how to” is needed but we can speak to a bunch of audio equipment we have. I’m a big fan of They’re pretty reliable and usually fast with their shipping. We’re still a few weeks away from a total setup. See : need money.

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