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I got a free friend pass to join warhammer online. I’ve been wanting to check it out for awhile now. Just because i’d like to see what else is going on in other mmo’s. WoW has been enough for me. I learned this after trying out the Utterly awful Hellgate London and the lesser awful Lotro. Lotro isent that bad, i’m being mean. I just enjoy wow that much. I have so much invested in it already that for me to devote that much time to another thing with no one i know would be utterly foolish. I’ve kind of said that whenever the time comes to move on from WoW that will be the end of mmo’s. WoW is this odd flash in the pan for me. Heck it is for the whole gaming world. I’ve never done a game like it before and I’m not so sure something like it can happen again. There’s more to it but anyways. I got a pass and would like to check it out this weekend sometime.

March 17, 2009 Posted by | Normal Stuffs | Comments Off on Warhammer