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Last night while playing the Death Knight I decided to take a break from leveling. In addition to do a few “dailies” most notably the Grizzly Hills ones (trying to get the achievement) and then headed back to Dalaran for the Cooking daily. It just so happens that as I turned in the Daily the portal to Wintergrasp was about to be opened. I got lucky and was sent an inv for a raid too! We kind of stomped the horde there really wasen’t much of a defense. I dont care if you have 75k health 10 players are going to eventually kill you when focus fired. Y’know?

So like a smart player, being 74 and all,ha ha I didn’t attempt to get into hand to hand combat. I went straight for the tank and took over the cannon. Just blasting away. It was pretty glorious. I highly suggest any non-80 character man the cannon in a tank. You’re not really relegated to the situation of having less HP than someone else and the Miss Chance being 6 levels below them. In any case we managed to win and I got a few achievements.

Feeling a tinge of luck after the match I went the battlemaster to check what the BG daily happened to be. The daily was WSG. Ugggggh. I’ve had runs of 20 losses in a row in WSG. It’s just not fun for me. It’s the bane of my existence. Whatever. Dammit. I’ll just do ONE for the Dinner Impossible achievement then afk out. Odd thing happened. We had 10 people zone in. !? A sign? I’ve been accostomed to the 10v3 situations. Another sign! We mount up and about half the team takes mid. Another sign! So a paladin and I head for the flag. We grab it and run like hell. On our way back a few horde put up a slight fight. By slight I mean a person with no chance running up on two very obviously, well wsg versed. We blew the cooldowns at the perfect time. He stunned, then I silenced. Then froze in place. We just destroyed them. As he turned in the flag and did a lol. We mount up and this time it my turn to grab the flag. Unholy presence gogo!! So In-stead of running down the tunnel towards the fighting I head out of the main room and hug the wall around the zone. Funny thing is as I left the front door, 4 horde spawn. But I’m behind them. They dont see me! ANOTHER SIGN!Flag carrier achievement INC! So continuing to hug the wall I make it back to the base without even so much as one person hitting me! DING. 2-0. I rapidly race out of the room. It’s now turned into a HK fest in mid and our flag had already been picked up. Long story short the third flag gets turned in the same as the 2nd. Winning 3-0 in WSG, for me, is one of the rarest things in game to happen to me. And I get it on my first WSG on the DK. I logged wow right then and there. No better cap to my night than that in wow. 🙂

In other news it was announced that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore got hitched. Yes this is a gamer blog and yeah Mandy Moore child pop star blah blah blah. I love me some of that music Ryan makes. Good on him for finding someone to put up with him. Shit, I’m still surprised I got someone to!

and lastly but really the most important….We have a podcast tonight, got a few things lined up, rich has been slacking I mean..uhhh..sick. Lets hope dude is up for some game talk. I’ve got some Wario to praise!

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