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Street Fightin’

So I picked up Street Fighter 4 and upon sitting down at home promptly was destroyed. So, of course this means that rich will have to school me on what to do. It’s been so long, i’m talking 10-15 years long since I can last recall actually playing SF-2. I’m curious if the difficultly for a older, although that’s silly me being not even 30 yet, will translate into other games that I remember being insano hard even as a mini-rainman style I had as a kid on the nintendo. Like. wait for it. Mike tyson’s punch out.

On a news note. Fallout 3’s Pitt DLC was released today. Although Kotaku is reporting that the game isent quite right, that’s ok to me. Test away users! So now it’s down to only one more DLC release and I’ll be back into that wonder-full world that is fallout 3. I cant wait. I love the game. It’s one of the games for me I wish i could hit restart on my life and play through experiencing all the joys it gave.

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