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Nintendo, gimmie some love….

I guess nintendo has something to say otherwise they wouldn’t really do a keynote address. Can we get another Wii-music? Mother f’r said ice cream. It’s a played out rant, the whole nintendo has nothing for “hardcore” gamers so I wont go there. How about just some games we can play? I dont NEED another halo or gears or WoW. How about a game I actually will enjoy playing. Maybe they’ll announced a new Zelda though I wasen’t a fan of twilight princess the little I played of it. It’s still 49.99 which I find laughable for a game as old as it is.

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  1. Laughable yes….but it probably still sells well. The only real reason for a game to be out years and not drop in price is simple, they don’t need to. I remember when Halo 2 came out, Halo 1 was still at it’s original price being that it was THE reason to get an XBOX1. Take the DS for example, Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros. came out in ’05 and ’06, still on best seller lists, business dicatates no need for a price drop… with the Wii itself.
    We’ve stated on the show many times, we still love Nintendo, and as you’ve stated, love the Mario Galaxies and whatever else can fall into that category….but from a gaming hardware perspective, it doesn’t even trump the graphical prowess that was the XBOX1, which came out in 2001!! At 249.99$, I think it’s way overpriced, but it sells like hotcakes, so I can’t talk ish on it :-/
    Let’s hope this nintendo keynote gives us something good to talk about on the ninty end this week.

    Comment by richieraw | March 25, 2009

  2. Yes but this tactic doesn’t translate into other aspects of in the business world. Do you still sell last years car at it’s price even though it’s a year old? Even if it’s still new on the lot? No, you don’t. What about pc’s? lets just go back in time to 2001…There have been a million 17 inch monitors sold but now there’s a 19 inch monitor out even though the 17 inch flat screen (not panel) sold well the 19 is new. Keep the 17 at it’s price because it sells well? No. Prices drop with time, it’s just the nature of things. Yet after rougly 3 years the game is still a “new release” price. Is this the age old adage of if it aient broke dont fix it?
    Could be. But, after three years, especially in SALES, where you’ve made back your profit why not try to make more rather than just accept?

    It’s the same thing with used games, this whole doesnt go to the other aspects of business. There have been a million used book stores, used car lots, thrift stores where the original makers do not make a cent on the profit but you dont hear people complaining to the extent nearly every gamer does about used games. To me it’s down to dollars and cents over my moral belief system. Walk out of the store saying EF YOU GAMESTOP..or…not paying 5$ for the same game. I’ll take the 5$. To me the video game world exists in this bubble where seemingly normal or accepted practices in other business models don’t dictate what’s going on in theirs. Drop the price. 39.99 or 29.99 and let others but another game. UPT is a common term in sales. Unit Per Transaction. The higher your UPT the higher your sales. It means less inv space and bigger “units” sold to people who care about that. Sure you sell a wii but do you sell a wii with just it’s core game or can you while you purcahse the wii and say hmm. it IS only 29.99. Sure I’ll get that too. Goes much deeper than that but eve’s. Point made.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | March 25, 2009

  3. Gaming is a very different beast than other media. When it comes to used CDs and movies, you don’t hear those industries complaining about what they’re losing. I’m hearing more and more about how game publishers need to sell big numbers to make a profit, now that’s probably another issue for another day about overblown budgets, I smell a podcast topic 🙂 I never said Nintendo was right in what they’re doing, but it’s obvious, their products already sell like hotcakes as it is…they can get away with selling Wii Fit for 90bux as it’s still hard to find in stores. Pretty simple to me. I told you awhile back when I bought Super Princess Peach on DS for my lil sis, used game, pretty much full price….can’t find it new anywhere, so gamestop can get away with charging that since I had the demand. Nintendo has basically become the Disney of the gaming world, where they decide some of their games will go out of print, and they will sell it back to you later. I will agree 100% with you about Twilight Princess though, the only time I saw that it was hard to find was when the Wii was new. It’s not on best seller lists(that I’ve heard these days), so lower the dang price already 🙂

    Comment by richieraw | March 26, 2009

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