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Rock Star!

Last night was a bit too much of a party for lost. I confess that I did in all likely hood maybe could have drank a wee bit too much. I am in a word : Hungover. However that is not all that important. What is, what happened to me this afternoon. I decided to step out with a co-worker for lunch. He said he had to go to the bank so we walked in the opposite direction of where we were to eat. We take a few steps and who do I see walk by but Bobby Gillepsie of Primal Scream. So I run up like a little school girl. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMOMG ARE YOU BOBBY GILLEPSIE. I knew it, he knew I knew it but, what a gigtantic ass I would be if he wasen’t. And that would totally happen to me.

So I tell him man I’m a massive primal scream fan, I didn’t feel the need to tell him I wrote essay’s about him in high school back in 1997. I mean, who really wants to write about Jane Eyre..I sure as hell didn’t. Anyways, he invited me to come to the show tonight! Yeah yeah. I didn’t have tix. I dont really like blowing 29$ for myself for a show that’s a hour long. Primal scream’s latest album wasent that good. After 19’re going to toss out stinkers. I don’t want to see them go the way of The Who or Paul Mccartney who just cant give up the fame. ANYWAYS. I’m also old and spoiled having paid to go see shows a handfull of times over the past 5 years. My cuz worked for Clear Channel and we got free tix all the time. (I’ll save the Justin Timberlake story for another day). Anyways so we’ll be seeing the scream tonight. If by on the list, it’s BACKSTAGE..then we’lli know how fast my hangover will go away. ha ha. For those that don’t know the scream. peep this.

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