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GBU for “The Pitt” (the 2nd Fallout 3 DLC)

The Good – Anything that extends the Fallout 3 experience for me is good. New area that becomes part of the F3 environment, as opposed to Operation Anchorage where I’ve read that once you’re done….you’re done, no goin back, they tell you you’re free to come and go as you wish in the pitt.  Addicting feching quest(steel ingots!), which not only give you an acheivement when you get all 100, but you get a piece of new gear for every 10 you find. Deep moral tug’o’war in the storyline that really makes you question if you’re making the right choices. Slight graphical improvements made to the 360 version that should’ve been there in the 1st place.

The Bad – As much as I like the storyline, it feels pretty rushed when you get to the climax. Coulda used more quests, when you’re done, you really feel like there should’ve been more, missed opportunties with the new environment IMO. New enemies known as the Trog, can be pretty annoying when they sneak up on you, you wonder why your character is getting beat up all of sudden. Challenge is pretty easy if you’re a maxed out character, Bethesda should’ve raised the level cap with the 1st DLC.

The Ugly – The bugs people went through when the DLC 1st hit xbox live, so much that they had to take it down and fix it. The bloody mess you leave your enemies in after a meeting with your auto axe.

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GBU for Street Fighter 4

Ok, so after talking a little on the 7th podcast I’m going to drop a GBU on ST4.

Good – The Updating of graphics to somewhat match the 360. It reminds me a heck of a lot of WoW. Huge shoulders, over the top animations and effects. Simple enough game play to step in on but hard to master. The controls are the same so older gamers will associate with previous incarnations of moves. The Xbox360 controler does have limitations and once I actually sat down and devoted some time to get it, i got it enough to use in a match. It’s a learning curve.

The bad – The computer being cheap is still there. The multiple charge moves as rich mentioned are very evident and still there. Also this is a slight reflection on a good so it’s NOT that bad. Ok? Ready? It’s not super crisp graphically like Gears is/was. Everyone’s eye is different and in my opinion it’s fine but the more picky people, like the ones who severely dislike WoW’s graphics, will probably not like ST4.

The Ugly – 2nd round of seth + Cheap computer moves will make you want to scream.

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