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Broken Steel Fallout 3 DLC


*this post was intentionally done with all caps to emphasize the seriousness off aforementioned robots this message will delete in..3…2…1…..*

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Fable 2’s next DLC dated, May 12th

We’ve mentioned this on the last podcast….I didn’t know if it was out or not, but here’s the real skinny. On May 12th,  Xbox Live brings us “See The Future” for Fable 2, at 7 bux(or 560 MS points) we get new quests, items, and some new doggies… I just gotta get back into the game and experience the goodness Fable 2 delivers 😉

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“Still waiting on that heifer Julio”

I came across this funny post on giantbomb. I’ve always thought about the glorious day I’d quit a job I hated*NSFW*, but not my current job, I love this gig 😉 It seems this guy liked his job, but just needed to move on, with entertaining results.

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Nothing’s untouchable round here

I’m curious the amount of money dumped into games under the “MMORPG” category and if it could in fact bail out the US auto industry, stabilize the banks here AND cure the Swine Flu. Hellgate London anyone? Way I see it is some company exec plays wow, and we all have played let me just put that out there, and sees the volume of people paying 15.99 a month. They see all the problems in game “OMG NERF (Not your class)” “My class is the forgotten class in wow”, and think they can fix it. So, there’s this dude in bumblejunk mountain country (or Japan) standing up before his board of exec’s with graphic’s showing World Of Warcraft’s Success and he says WE like lets make a MMO about it. And throw in a Night Elf or two. People seem to like them. I mean really do you see all the money wow is making!!

I present to you the silly thing that prompted this..

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New PSP?

1up dropped this lil gem on us. *cue up price is right music* The NEW PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPP. It looks like a cell phone, that flip top. If that is indeed what it is. I have to say, that was a very wise idea to me as you really increase your viewing space. Or do you. Duh Duh Duh. That’s my biggest beef with handhelds. I know some people (RICH) like them but I’m just not ready to cheat on my HDTV (just yet). There’s nothing up on sony’s site yet, we’ll see..

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The Kindle from Amazon

So we’re obviously a little behind on some things. Heck I dont even know when the Kindle was released but! I do remember the CEO of amazon going on the Daily Show so that counts for something right? Anyways, It’s very interesting, the concept of paperless books. This is a blog so I feel comfortable giving a small opinion on this. To me I like books. I like my bookcase and would love to in the future have a smallish library for our kids to go read in. “Little jamie you bad, go read now!” Kidding. That’s just me. I cant deny where we are going with technology, less moving parts, more touchscreens, voice recognition, and leaning towards inventions like the kindle, the ipod, iphone, xboxlive will become more of a part of our everyday lives. Here’s the Deets.

Slim: Just over 1/3 of an inch, as thin as most magazines

Lightweight: At 10.2 ounces, lighter than a typical paperback

Wireless: 3G wireless lets you download books right from your Kindle, anytime, anywhere; no monthly fees, service plans, or hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots

Books in Under 60 Seconds: Get books delivered in less than 60 seconds; no PC required

Improved Display: Reads like real paper; now boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and even crisper images

Longer Battery Life: 25% longer battery life; read for days without recharging

More Storage: Take your library with you; holds over 1,500 books

Faster Page Turns: 20% faster page turns

Read-to-Me: With the new text-to-speech feature, Kindle can read every newspaper, magazine, blog, and book out loud to you, unless the book is disabled by the rights holder

Large Selection: Over 270,000 books plus U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and blogs available

Low Book Prices: New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases $9.99, unless marked otherwise

You can buy it by following this link.

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GBU for Uncharted:Drake’s Fortune (PS3)

A sequel to this bad boy is dropping later this year so I thought I’d give some GBU love to one of my favorite PS3 exclusives.

The Good
– I’m a graphics whore, so you’re gonna hear me bring this up first alot. This game is friggin gorgeous! Lush, highly detailed jungle environments, incredible water effects(your character’s clothes dry before your eyes!), everything is very CG in quality. Audio runs in 7.1 uncompressed giving the game an expansive feel, highly detailed sounds and effects, close your eyes and you may feel like you’re in the jungle. Fun exploration game play channeling what made the Tomb Raider games good, jump puzzles are challenging but won’t keep you stumped for too long. Fun shooting game play mechanic that’s obviously inspired by Gears of War(it’s got cover). Well thought out checkpoint system that auto saves as well. Fun solid story that’s like Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider in it’s feel.

The Bad
– Sometimes the frame rate doesn’t hold up, some v-sync tearing here and there. Shooting sequences last too long sometimes, can’t move on until they’re done. How many shots to the head can enemies take before they go down? Enemies you face take a bit of a strange turn near the end and alter what you’ve gotten used to at that point. Disappointing end boss fight, then again, that can be said for most games :-/

The Ugly – The discussion about the main character’s tucked in/out shirt look….really…who cares?…play the damn game and enjoy it.

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11th Podcast!

YOOO. join us for the 11th podcast where we butt heads and have uncomfortable silences. KIDDDDDDDING. Is this what we get for mentioning Bad luck? Check out the 11th_podcast

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Sorry for the afk

I caught mining somewhere in un’goro crater when some music idea’s came into my head and compelled me to record them. See how I incorporated video games into making music? I have talents. Bewm. So I’ve spent the better part of the last few days recording something that sounds a little like this old old band noone knows unless of course you lived in England in the early 90’s. Not for the faint hearted….

We’ll have the recording on friday, not too sure what I can bring. This might be a rich podcast. Only gaming really got in is more Lego Batman. Which I’m so swooning over. Speaking of Lego Rock Band is coming and what you just witnessed is a game company releasing a “live cd” or bsides complication or worse a Greatest Hits Album two albums in. I know the kid swing but lets be real. It’s them cashing in. I’d do it too if I were them. I’ll have to drop the GBU for Mad World by Sunday. I’m going to try to prep for a WoW 3.1 Patch review cast solo style and probably introduce “who” I am in the World of Warcraft verse. This could be a very long one. Might not. Haven’t totally decided.

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LTTP post, new Fallout next year!

Jamie asked about this on his last post….I should’ve threw it up when it was announced, but I was waiting for more info…..but umm, yeah…Fallout:New Vegas coming out 2010. It’s said to still be an RPG(suhweet), not being developed by Bethesda though(but published by them it seems)….I’m an Oblivion/Fallout 3 ho, so I’m a little sketchy on it. Obsidian Entertainment is developing it, and part of their founding group were original Fallout devs, so I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

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Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC May 5th!

From bethesda we’ll be getting the last? Am I right there fallout 3 fansupreme rich? So, yeah. I’ll be jumping on and rocking all the DLC in one wonder full fallout3 gorging. They seemed to have interviewed with everyone but >US<. C’mon. We ❤ you bethesda. Gimmie some love.

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GBU for Boom Blox (Wii)

You heard me raving about it on last week’s(10th!) podcast, so I figured I’d give it some GBU love. Now I like to finish or come close to finishing a game before I review it…but I think I’ll keep that for linear(or storyline) progression type games. This one is more a quick pick up and play for fun joint, sort of like a fighting, racing or sports game.

The Good – Incredibly fun and addictive puzzler, one of those games that’s easy to pick up, and sometimes hard to master. Simple wii gameplay, yet accurate and complex enough for the picky guys like me. Plenty of modes and objectives that’ll keep you playing for hours. Makes you say, one more try, I know I can get gold! What Jenga is to a frozen beef pattie, Boom Blox is to an awesome burger with everything on it.

The Bad – Some modes, mainly some that are in the adventure mode are not that fun. Sometimes really difficult if you’re really trying to go for gold. Graphics aren’t anything special, but they don’t really need to be for this type of game though. Music can get repetitive if you’re a trying some puzzles multiple times.

The Ugly – Your wrist or arm can get really sore if you play for 2 hours straight like I did the 1st time I discovered this gem. What may happen to your TV if you don’t use the wii strap while playing this.

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Condron US

So we’re getting hits from this site, Who knows how legit it is but what it’s aim to be is a channel preview for blogs. I put the blog up we’ll see how much this generates.

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10th Podcast

Wii love jason statham. Wii love lego batman. Madworld Wii like less. Wii talk about ….duh duh duh the wii! Lost crops up some in there too. Listen to the 10th podcast!

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Xbox Live rumor…will the real V.I.P.s please stand up?

I just came across this article via It details some interesting features that I’m sure will be welcome to the current service, online storage and game invites to the silver cats are some. I say current cuz it’s not something I’m willing to pay extra for, especially since I hardly online multiplay anyway. 50 bux a year ain’t bad for a reliable service that’s fully integrated into all 360 games…but honestly I’d rather that money go to another game a year, especially in these crazy economic times. Sure the PSN(playstation network) is nowhere near as good as xbox live, but it’s free and gets the job done in the rare case that I wanna hop online against other cats. It’s not like Live was never without it’s troubles. I just think if microsoft adds these types of features to the current gold service, they can continue to be the king of online console gaming, and that’s cool with me.

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If you truly care this was released today. Feb and March are generally slow sales months so it comes as no surprise sales are down FROM LAST MONTH…. Whateve’s. What the hell though wii? Jesus. That’s still a lot of sales. And 600,000 is nothing to snub your nose too.

March 2009 Hardware Sales

* Wii — 601,000
* Nintendo DS — 563,000
* Xbox 360 — 330,000
* PlayStation 3 — 218,000
* PlayStation Portable — 168,000
* PlayStation 2 — 112,000

February 2009 Hardware Sales

* Wii — 753,000
* Nintendo DS — 588,000
* Xbox 360 — 391,000
* PlayStation 3 — 276,000
* PlayStation Portable — 199,000
* PlayStation 2 — 131,000

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OMG, LOTR finally on Blu-ray!…wait, theatrical?!?

I dunno how the J-Man feels about the Lord Of The Rings films, I think he’s read the books….but I, LOVE, these films….and even better, the extended editions of these films. But man, we’re only gonna get the theatrical cuts right now? High definition on disc(HDDVD/Bluray) made it’s debut in ’06, and we HD fans have been waiting for this announcement ever since….but I might have to hold off till the EE versions are announced, 70$ is alot of scratch for some flix I’ll probably buy again in extended form 😦

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Coming from the ‘surprising no one department’…

…it seems that Wii Sports Resort(which comes with 1 WMP) and the Wii Motion Plus are high up on the amazon charts. Nintendo is just raking it in like some industry pimps…so we finally get the device that makes the Wii do what it originally promised. Ya know, as much as I wanna put a negative spin on it, I can’t…we already know the device is overpriced, but I’m probably gonna be a toolbag and scoop myself a copy when it drops.  Hey, maybe we’ll finally get a real lightsaber game…don’t front people, that was the 1st thought in everyone’s head when we saw the wiimote was a wand device 😉

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I can’t not post this story. It’s about this Asian Hipster girl that scammed a bunch of money from indie/tweed guys. But in this young “hip” way. Trouble(sad) is I’ve met quite a few girls like this in my day. Yes, I too got taken before I saw thier deal. Each one of these evil devil’s have their own way of doing so mine was ...less..financially destroying. They get their karma though. I’ve never seen a girl look so busted in some pictures and smokin’ hot in others. Think she’s single?. I KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID. Now tell me what the heck is on her arm?

What the flux?

What the flux?

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GBU for Wrath of the Lich King

3.1 just dropped so I want to do a GBU on the game while it’s still fresh but with the benefit of having some distance to see the kinks that have been worked out. First things first. This is a gigantic MMO and completely impossible to keep this contained to a few lines of text. It will be a little longer than all others we do. So lets start a t(drip) down the mainline..

Good – Questing. 100 percent more enjoyable AND memorable. This time not only are you poisioning the aldor party punch you are hosting the party, setting up the tables and calling the cops in to end it. Your role is almost one of a hero as you fit into the story and development of the game, especially in dragonblight and the Wrath Gate event. They did fall back into old habits in Grizzly Hills and parts of Sholazar Basin with kill 20 things but you do need this in a mmo with 1.5 million xp. Questing is not rewarded enough. The zones are amazing looking and the music almost as good with one exception. Howling Fjord. It’s a 20 second clip on repeat. I have a 8600 256 mb video card,1650×1050 resolution and noticed a 10 frames per second drop. It’s the silent but much needed addition to the game that no one has yet to touch on. Achievements are wonderfull but too many in quantity. Everyone cant be a Rock Star but you can Bind on Equip epic your way to the top now. For the solo player this is a HUGE plus. The new battleground Strand of the Ancients is beyond wonderful. It’s balanced really well so that there is no built in advantage. There is good use of seige weapons and turrets. I love this and run for them every time. There is a bug which has yet to be fixed that starts horde on D every time though. Badge gear is really easy to get and mix and match with other things but this was added at the tail end of Burning Crusade.

Bad – Raid content. Naxx was a wonderful idea at the time and I was in support of it but it’s execution and dumbing down was surprising. I went in 3 times and have no interest or, need to go back (see boe epics), It is still a whole afternoon’s commitment to the normal player and I don’t care to do that anymore. This is just age, i’m sure there are green ear’d 15 year old’s ready to leap in and take my place. Arena is still a mini game that continues to affect the rest of the game and the new maps leave something to be desired. Heroics are still the same with only a more hp or a extra move. It’s the 5 level 82 elite trash banging on you that make it really hard. Nothing changed in that respect but if it aient broke don’t fix it? I’ll buy it.

Ugly – The gear. Sure I didn’t like the clown suit but to swing the exact opposite way and make ONE set look for leveling for each class is showing you’ve got a lack of ideas for gear. We’re 3 xpac’s in, and the gear does look very cool but c’mon, Really? Professions are so vanilla that I just cant bring myself to get into them. Almost all of it is BOE, black smithing has no specialities same as leather working (you can sell all of it so why spec into it?). Talents and professions and classes all bring essentially the same thing now with debuffs so the idea that everyone can do everything is great but are the downsides worse than what was before? I’m glad that I dont have to not go to something because you HAVE to have a shadow priest but it was the differences that made this game really unique. It’s yet to be really seen though and we are only a few months in but it has changed the overzealous players outlook on the game.

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