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The Dilemma

So my friend on the Echo Isles server is leaving for a tour around the globe. And yeah imma going to miss ‘im. But go on he must. The dilemma I’m looking at is jamming by myself for awhile. While I generally play by myself and do my own thing in the wowverse I also like to sometimes do “group” events. So here’s what I’m looking at:

1. Stay on EI, build up my alliance dk with achievements, PUG naxx (ugh) and wait for him to come back. I’m hoping he’s interested in old dungeons and stuff’s. He has expressed a interest in it and he is the person I truly enjoy gaming with. My dog’s game-play is a bit slower at things than me but we’ve got some fun stories.

2. Play the horde shaman and the Dk on off days while doing achievements. The trouble with the shaman is I mooooooooooved (I’m a tauren..get it, get it, huh, get it?) servers to give my dk all my gold for epic flying. But, I don’t know anyone on the server horde side and, well……let’s just say I pugged some stuff and it was not any fun. Finding a guild on that side is a option though? The history with Moo is I came from the Kul Tiras sever. The guy I knew dropped off the face of the earth as so many kids in wow do, and right in the middle of us jamming on stuff. BUT! I made some new friends there in the meantime and they are doing their thing. So it would be fun to do some things over there but, nothing serious. I cant. It’s just not possible. And guilds don’t like fluff on their rosters. You sir, can call me fluffanella.

3. Move to jack’s server dunemaul. Jack is pro-gamer though. And likes to pro it up. And I’m not even semi-pro. Shoot if there is a tadpole version of gamers, well then I just signed up for that class. Ladies and Gentlemen of the court I would like to present in the case of Jack Being a pro gamer the special wowcast. Ok? First thing is, it’s a pvp server. And I firmly believe that pvp servers are the cesspool of the wowverse rife of kids with inferiority complexes whose therapy is to “gank” someone. Not all, I met some wonderfull people on Crushride but, most are. And one small but not even big trouble is that I severely dislike the other dudes he plays with..well. Some. maybe. 2? ok. one? There’s a saying in texas, i’m sure there’s one here it’s Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me you cant get fooled again. But jack is a rl friend. It’s always nice to do things with friends and when it was just jack it was a lot of fun. He’s an epic’d warrior (told you he was pro) and moo’s a pretty decent healer. So we can duo stuff easily.

I’m a big weekend gamer though, I do game during the week. And now that the toons I want to be 80, are, I can enjoy just the elements of the game I want to. All at my own pace. Y’know, not feeling like I’m wasting rest xp. So. I’m looking for a weekend raid, maybe a weekday here and there? Some pvp. Relaxed people with lives outside of wow. Simple yeah? Anyways I haven’t made up my mind. I may just NOT make up my mind and that’s an answer too. It saves me a 25$ transfer fee. And seeing as how I’ve already given blizzard about 500$ (probably more like 1 grand) I think that’s a normal thing to do. So. I’m torn.

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