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GBU for “Silent Hill – Homecoming”

Allow me to take a page out of the biter’s handbook and follow m’man Chud Rock’s lead as I reach into the knapsack for some GBU action, let’s go back to last fall’s Silent Hill-Homecoming…also partly inspired by this week’s exciting news of a Silent Hill 1 remake. I know you guys are sayin to yerselves, “but Raw, aren’t you gonna be dissapointed by the graphics on the Wii?”….Not at all peeps, as long as it looks as good as SH3 did on the PS2, I’ll be ready to take a trip back to the lovely land of nightmares and demons 🙂

The Good – Silent Hill finally makes it’s way to now-gen systems. Fairly interesting story that holds up through the majority of the game. Graphics that remind you why you wouldn’t want SH to really exist….scenery looks decrepit(as it should), the darkness in the ‘real world’ isn’t overbearing but makes you make sure to keep the flashlight handy(a staple of any SH outing), monsters are creepy, the ‘otherworld’ looks disgusting, rusted and blood covered in more detail than ever before in an SH game. In other words, looks pretty dang good. Sound and music produced by Akira Yamaoka, the same guy who’s taken care of every single SH in the franchise, which means it’s all well done, nerve wracking, and maybe even nightmare inducing…so far so good right?

The Bad – While gameplay has never been SH’s strong suit, it just needs to be a good enough vehicle so one can experience the awesome psychological horror SH is known for, though better than part 4’s, things still fall a bit short. New fighting mechanics added that don’t always respond to what you’re commanding can very frustrating. Save points that are sometimes really far from the last one, if you die, who wants to redo the last 20-30 mins, not me! Ending(s) that are unfulfilling, they still leave themselves open to discussion like in previous games, but nowhere near as interesting.

The Ugly – Moral choices you have to make later on in the story that are ugly emotional ones with really ugly consequences. What is it with games these days forcing moral choices on you? Cool concept but I don’t wanna see too much of a ‘me too’ attitude.

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