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RIP Harry Kalas

I want to post a little over my extreme sadness at the passing of probably my most favorite voice to call any baseball game. More so than Mel Allen Vin Scully, Marty brennaman, and even merrill reece.. Harry Kalas. May whatever come after this life, you be there and in happiness.

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GBU for Braid

In honor of Braid finally hitting the PC platform, I’ve decided to show it a little GBU love since it was one of my favorite downloadable xbox360 games last year. If you haven’t yet, try out the demo, if you like it you should buy it cuz it only gets better. This bad boy is a puzzler with 2D platforming elements.

The Good – Gorgeous 2D graphics that really make the ol HDTV pop. Looks like a moving painting. Soothing, beautiful music keeps you sane as you try to solve some of the insane puzzles. We’ve seen time rewind in games before(Prince of Persia), but not of this quality. Each world throws something new to the ‘time rewind’ mix that keeps you guessing and on your toes. Tight platform style gameplay, but it’s really a puzzler. Great challenge to be had.  Seemingly deep story that can be revealed as much or as little as you care to know.

The Bad – Some of the art design might turn off some people, your main character Tim looks a bit goofy as well as the enemies. Some of that ‘great challenge’ trips the fine line into way too hard territory, some of the puzzles will have you banging your head against the wall….or looking up youtube solutions 😉  Some might find that ‘seemingly deep story’ a bit pretentious.

The Ugly – The twist at the end….as far as gaming goes, this one is for the ages…almost as surprising as the Flood showing up at the end of Halo 1, maybe even more so. The speed run achievement that I can’t get 😦

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