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Wii Motion Plus

Nintendo put out a release today. The wii sports game we’re ok with passing on but the motion plus? 19.99? Hm. I’d rather have a 10$ price point and spend 20$ total for my 2 remotes. Considering I already paid 250 for all of this. It’s not unexpected, anyways. It’s out there in stores soon enough!!

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  1. Whoa, this caught me off guard…thanks for the hedz up! I knew it was comin, just not when…So we finally get the add-on that makes the Wii control as originally promised. I can agree that 10bux would’ve been reasonable, but dang, 20?!? On the real, when Nintendo 1st announced it, they said something along the lines that it was gonna be affordable so all Wii users can scoop it for multiple remotes, instant thought, 5 dollars….I know what you’re thinkin, Rich, you must live in a world where people politely step aside when you say “excuse me”…I shoulda known better 😦

    Comment by richieraw | April 15, 2009

  2. man I live in a world with jelly beans and donut’s. I too thought it would be less. A new controller is 40, compare that to 49.99 for a xbox wireless…so I guess they think it’s a deal..?

    Comment by lurkerbelow | April 15, 2009

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