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Coming from the ‘surprising no one department’…

…it seems that Wii Sports Resort(which comes with 1 WMP) and the Wii Motion Plus are high up on the amazon charts. Nintendo is just raking it in like some industry pimps…so we finally get the device that makes the Wii do what it originally promised. Ya know, as much as I wanna put a negative spin on it, I can’t…we already know the device is overpriced, but I’m probably gonna be a toolbag and scoop myself a copy when it drops.  Hey, maybe we’ll finally get a real lightsaber game…don’t front people, that was the 1st thought in everyone’s head when we saw the wiimote was a wand device 😉

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I can’t not post this story. It’s about this Asian Hipster girl that scammed a bunch of money from indie/tweed guys. But in this young “hip” way. Trouble(sad) is I’ve met quite a few girls like this in my day. Yes, I too got taken before I saw thier deal. Each one of these evil devil’s have their own way of doing so mine was ...less..financially destroying. They get their karma though. I’ve never seen a girl look so busted in some pictures and smokin’ hot in others. Think she’s single?. I KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID. Now tell me what the heck is on her arm?

What the flux?

What the flux?

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