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OMG, LOTR finally on Blu-ray!…wait, theatrical?!?

I dunno how the J-Man feels about the Lord Of The Rings films, I think he’s read the books….but I, LOVE, these films….and even better, the extended editions of these films. But man, we’re only gonna get the theatrical cuts right now? High definition on disc(HDDVD/Bluray) made it’s debut in ’06, and we HD fans have been waiting for this announcement ever since….but I might have to hold off till the EE versions are announced, 70$ is alot of scratch for some flix I’ll probably buy again in extended form 😦

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  1. Yeah, I read The hobbit and 2 of the 3 books when I was in Junior High and the 3rd sometime in high school. So when the movies came out it was pretty awesome. I dont even know if I can go back and watch them as I’ve seen them too many times. So it goes…

    Comment by lurkerbelow | April 21, 2009

  2. This should be added to the hatabase though. srsly.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | April 21, 2009

  3. 3rd!

    Comment by lurkerbelow | April 21, 2009

  4. 4th!

    Comment by lurkerbelow | April 21, 2009

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