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Fallout 3 Broken Steel DLC May 5th!

From bethesda we’ll be getting the last? Am I right there fallout 3 fansupreme rich? So, yeah. I’ll be jumping on and rocking all the DLC in one wonder full fallout3 gorging. They seemed to have interviewed with everyone but >US<. C’mon. We ❤ you bethesda. Gimmie some love.

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  1. I read somewhere that a Bethesda person said they’re thinking of things for DLC down the line….but I can’t remember where I read it (damn alcohol!)…so it’ll probably be the last for now…especially with another Fallout game coming out next year, different devs though :-/

    Comment by richieraw | April 21, 2009

  2. woah, no way. Dude you got a link for that new fallout game? I vaguely remember hearing about this but thought I was dreaming.

    You know how I always be dreaming.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | April 21, 2009

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