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GBU for Boom Blox (Wii)

You heard me raving about it on last week’s(10th!) podcast, so I figured I’d give it some GBU love. Now I like to finish or come close to finishing a game before I review it…but I think I’ll keep that for linear(or storyline) progression type games. This one is more a quick pick up and play for fun joint, sort of like a fighting, racing or sports game.

The Good – Incredibly fun and addictive puzzler, one of those games that’s easy to pick up, and sometimes hard to master. Simple wii gameplay, yet accurate and complex enough for the picky guys like me. Plenty of modes and objectives that’ll keep you playing for hours. Makes you say, one more try, I know I can get gold! What Jenga is to a frozen beef pattie, Boom Blox is to an awesome burger with everything on it.

The Bad – Some modes, mainly some that are in the adventure mode are not that fun. Sometimes really difficult if you’re really trying to go for gold. Graphics aren’t anything special, but they don’t really need to be for this type of game though. Music can get repetitive if you’re a trying some puzzles multiple times.

The Ugly – Your wrist or arm can get really sore if you play for 2 hours straight like I did the 1st time I discovered this gem. What may happen to your TV if you don’t use the wii strap while playing this.

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