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I’m curious the amount of money dumped into games under the “MMORPG” category and if it could in fact bail out the US auto industry, stabilize the banks here AND cure the Swine Flu. Hellgate London anyone? Way I see it is some company exec plays wow, and we all have played let me just put that out there, and sees the volume of people paying 15.99 a month. They see all the problems in game “OMG NERF (Not your class)” “My class is the forgotten class in wow”, and think they can fix it. So, there’s this dude in bumblejunk mountain country (or Japan) standing up before his board of exec’s with graphic’s showing World Of Warcraft’s Success and he says WE like lets make a MMO about it. And throw in a Night Elf or two. People seem to like them. I mean really do you see all the money wow is making!!

I present to you the silly thing that prompted this..

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