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“Still waiting on that heifer Julio”

I came across this funny post on giantbomb. I’ve always thought about the glorious day I’d quit a job I hated*NSFW*, but not my current job, I love this gig 😉 It seems this guy liked his job, but just needed to move on, with entertaining results.

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  1. That is awesome.

    Y’know..I pulled the f-u thing. I was such a trumped up little Git when I was younger I though it was cool. Now I didnt say F-U but I did say screw you, you suck, you suck..and YOU suck. Then threw my slap happy neck tag thing that we were required to wear at the boss. She swore I shoved it in her face. But considering I was over 10 feet away, unless I grew bionic arms this would not be possible.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | April 30, 2009

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