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(insert patch here) will destroy the game.

I’d like to submit an example of how passionately players feel about World Of Warcraft, their classes, and any changes made to the game. This guy lost “hope” in paragraph 5 but I had Faith he would. So someone’s got faith here eh?
Your honor I’d like to present example #15,213 to be submitted to the courts in the case of “wow playerz are very srs”

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Wii Motion Plus

Nintendo put out a release today. The wii sports game we’re ok with passing on but the motion plus? 19.99? Hm. I’d rather have a 10$ price point and spend 20$ total for my 2 remotes. Considering I already paid 250 for all of this. It’s not unexpected, anyways. It’s out there in stores soon enough!!

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Patch 3.1

Blizzard’s dropping patch 3.1 today. And I wont be logging in to celebrate. I know i’m select in this but I never log in on patch days. It’s just too much hassle.Edited for proof..See. Here’s a video they put out to go with the release. Pretty sweet looking but thrall is shaping up to be a little on the weak side.

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RIP Harry Kalas

I want to post a little over my extreme sadness at the passing of probably my most favorite voice to call any baseball game. More so than Mel Allen Vin Scully, Marty brennaman, and even merrill reece.. Harry Kalas. May whatever come after this life, you be there and in happiness.

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GBU for Braid

In honor of Braid finally hitting the PC platform, I’ve decided to show it a little GBU love since it was one of my favorite downloadable xbox360 games last year. If you haven’t yet, try out the demo, if you like it you should buy it cuz it only gets better. This bad boy is a puzzler with 2D platforming elements.

The Good – Gorgeous 2D graphics that really make the ol HDTV pop. Looks like a moving painting. Soothing, beautiful music keeps you sane as you try to solve some of the insane puzzles. We’ve seen time rewind in games before(Prince of Persia), but not of this quality. Each world throws something new to the ‘time rewind’ mix that keeps you guessing and on your toes. Tight platform style gameplay, but it’s really a puzzler. Great challenge to be had.  Seemingly deep story that can be revealed as much or as little as you care to know.

The Bad – Some of the art design might turn off some people, your main character Tim looks a bit goofy as well as the enemies. Some of that ‘great challenge’ trips the fine line into way too hard territory, some of the puzzles will have you banging your head against the wall….or looking up youtube solutions 😉  Some might find that ‘seemingly deep story’ a bit pretentious.

The Ugly – The twist at the end….as far as gaming goes, this one is for the ages…almost as surprising as the Flood showing up at the end of Halo 1, maybe even more so. The speed run achievement that I can’t get 😦

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9th Podcast!

In the spirit of Hockey season ending we talk a little about sports games, our game scoring system, yes more Wii talk, and the usual lost talk! Listen to a less whiskeyfied 9th podcast!

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Bioshock 2’s Trailer.

Watch this Bioshock 2 trailer and LOVE it like that you love that girl at 1:59am on a friday night after you haven’t been laid in a few months. Beer Goggles notwithstanding.

Ken of American Analog Set is in town this week and said he might have some time to stop over at the house. Lets pray he’s got some time to talk WoW and tour business. I have a short list of 40,000 questions to ask. 🙂

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GBU for “Silent Hill – Homecoming”

Allow me to take a page out of the biter’s handbook and follow m’man Chud Rock’s lead as I reach into the knapsack for some GBU action, let’s go back to last fall’s Silent Hill-Homecoming…also partly inspired by this week’s exciting news of a Silent Hill 1 remake. I know you guys are sayin to yerselves, “but Raw, aren’t you gonna be dissapointed by the graphics on the Wii?”….Not at all peeps, as long as it looks as good as SH3 did on the PS2, I’ll be ready to take a trip back to the lovely land of nightmares and demons 🙂

The Good – Silent Hill finally makes it’s way to now-gen systems. Fairly interesting story that holds up through the majority of the game. Graphics that remind you why you wouldn’t want SH to really exist….scenery looks decrepit(as it should), the darkness in the ‘real world’ isn’t overbearing but makes you make sure to keep the flashlight handy(a staple of any SH outing), monsters are creepy, the ‘otherworld’ looks disgusting, rusted and blood covered in more detail than ever before in an SH game. In other words, looks pretty dang good. Sound and music produced by Akira Yamaoka, the same guy who’s taken care of every single SH in the franchise, which means it’s all well done, nerve wracking, and maybe even nightmare inducing…so far so good right?

The Bad – While gameplay has never been SH’s strong suit, it just needs to be a good enough vehicle so one can experience the awesome psychological horror SH is known for, though better than part 4’s, things still fall a bit short. New fighting mechanics added that don’t always respond to what you’re commanding can very frustrating. Save points that are sometimes really far from the last one, if you die, who wants to redo the last 20-30 mins, not me! Ending(s) that are unfulfilling, they still leave themselves open to discussion like in previous games, but nowhere near as interesting.

The Ugly – Moral choices you have to make later on in the story that are ugly emotional ones with really ugly consequences. What is it with games these days forcing moral choices on you? Cool concept but I don’t wanna see too much of a ‘me too’ attitude.

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GBU for Sid Meier’s RailRoads!

In light of Zelda’s Spirit Tracks announcements we’re going to go to ’06 for this review. And as here at MC we don’t hold anything out of the realm of reviewing I’m taking this one on. So, buy your ticket and wait for Railroads to come sweep you away!

Good – The Graphic’s are lovely looking for a 06 game and the cities are as you want to imagine them to be in this series. This is the spiritual successor to the 2nd edition of this game in that sense. RT2 Updated. The cities have multiple levels of growth and it is exciting to have your favorite city expand to a massive scale. The trains are wonderfully visable as well. Both during the purchase and during playtime. The economics are easy to grasp for long timer’s to the series. You move goods and passengers to adjacent cities in the same manner as well as purchasing industries in “your” cities or neighboring ones. You’ll make milllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllions and fill up hours planning your economic strategy and follow through.

Bad – Track laying. For whatever reason it’s a hassle to master. The drag and drop functionality of it is awful. I’ve had the game crash on me while laying a long series of tracks. SORRY I WANTED TO CONNECT BALTIMORE TO NEW YORK. GOSH! This comes up a LOT when you’ve got a big network of trains. It happened in RT2 but seemed less an issue than this one. Your railroad network is best left to being built one track at a time.

Ugly – If you have vista, you cannot play this game. If you can well then you’re wonderful and unicorns fly above your head on a daily basis granting you magical wishes. Me? I screamed in anger.

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8th Podcast!

Jack Daniels oh how we underestimated you. That is all. Watch out for the 8th podcast.

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The Dilemma

So my friend on the Echo Isles server is leaving for a tour around the globe. And yeah imma going to miss ‘im. But go on he must. The dilemma I’m looking at is jamming by myself for awhile. While I generally play by myself and do my own thing in the wowverse I also like to sometimes do “group” events. So here’s what I’m looking at:

1. Stay on EI, build up my alliance dk with achievements, PUG naxx (ugh) and wait for him to come back. I’m hoping he’s interested in old dungeons and stuff’s. He has expressed a interest in it and he is the person I truly enjoy gaming with. My dog’s game-play is a bit slower at things than me but we’ve got some fun stories.

2. Play the horde shaman and the Dk on off days while doing achievements. The trouble with the shaman is I mooooooooooved (I’m a tauren..get it, get it, huh, get it?) servers to give my dk all my gold for epic flying. But, I don’t know anyone on the server horde side and, well……let’s just say I pugged some stuff and it was not any fun. Finding a guild on that side is a option though? The history with Moo is I came from the Kul Tiras sever. The guy I knew dropped off the face of the earth as so many kids in wow do, and right in the middle of us jamming on stuff. BUT! I made some new friends there in the meantime and they are doing their thing. So it would be fun to do some things over there but, nothing serious. I cant. It’s just not possible. And guilds don’t like fluff on their rosters. You sir, can call me fluffanella.

3. Move to jack’s server dunemaul. Jack is pro-gamer though. And likes to pro it up. And I’m not even semi-pro. Shoot if there is a tadpole version of gamers, well then I just signed up for that class. Ladies and Gentlemen of the court I would like to present in the case of Jack Being a pro gamer the special wowcast. Ok? First thing is, it’s a pvp server. And I firmly believe that pvp servers are the cesspool of the wowverse rife of kids with inferiority complexes whose therapy is to “gank” someone. Not all, I met some wonderfull people on Crushride but, most are. And one small but not even big trouble is that I severely dislike the other dudes he plays with..well. Some. maybe. 2? ok. one? There’s a saying in texas, i’m sure there’s one here it’s Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me you cant get fooled again. But jack is a rl friend. It’s always nice to do things with friends and when it was just jack it was a lot of fun. He’s an epic’d warrior (told you he was pro) and moo’s a pretty decent healer. So we can duo stuff easily.

I’m a big weekend gamer though, I do game during the week. And now that the toons I want to be 80, are, I can enjoy just the elements of the game I want to. All at my own pace. Y’know, not feeling like I’m wasting rest xp. So. I’m looking for a weekend raid, maybe a weekday here and there? Some pvp. Relaxed people with lives outside of wow. Simple yeah? Anyways I haven’t made up my mind. I may just NOT make up my mind and that’s an answer too. It saves me a 25$ transfer fee. And seeing as how I’ve already given blizzard about 500$ (probably more like 1 grand) I think that’s a normal thing to do. So. I’m torn.

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