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Fallout 3 DLC woes

I’m not going to do a “told you so” because that’s just mean, and I’m sure some people got it to work (looking square at our boy-wonder Rich). From what I’m understanding is that Achievements were buggy for Xbox360 users as well as a plethora of issues on the PC side. I’m sorry to hear this. Sucks. I hesitated given their past combined with my own extreme dose of back luck. Kotaku reports the DLC is fixed but it seems there’s some ridiculous steps to make get the Achievements. I’m going to see The Tragically Hip tonight in Philadelphia with about 50 other people so there will be very little game time prior to the podcast. We’ll get on that next week though. A whole weekend of gaming should be enough yeah?

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  1. Funny, I was gonna do the “Chuddy Told You So” post….I saw that the PC version was having DRM issues, didn’t know about the 360 achievement stuff though, way to be on the case bro! 🙂 I’ve only put maybe an hour and a half into the new chapter, so I probably didn’t unlock any of the new achievements….fingers crossed that I’m cool, if not, won’t be a big deal…..*gathers pitchforks and torches while heading to microsoft headquarters* :-p

    Comment by richieraw | May 7, 2009

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