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GBU for Wolverine (XBOX360)

Not quite finished this game yet, but pretty far, I think I can give it a fair shake though. If anything changes my opinion by the end, I’ll update this accordingly.

The Good – Fast paced action of the hack-n-slash variety that’s easy to pick up. God of War like in it’s approach to gameplay, which is a good thing. Fun moves and combos with a leveling system that gets deeper as you go along. Graphics based on Unreal Engine 3, Wolvie himself looks slick, it captures Hugh Jackman perfectly. Wolverine’s healing effect from the X-Men movies are rendered here perfectly, as Wolvie is shot, blown up, etc…you’ll see his insides and adamantium covered bones in all sorts of random ways, then he regenerates(heals) right before your eyes, it’s jaw dropping the 1st time you see it. Environments from the jungles of Africa, to the Weapon X facility, etc, are huge and nicely detailed. Way gory, but in a way that makes sense, you’re a guy with indestructible claws on your hands for weapons fer cryin out loud. Stick this one in the stress reliever category for it’s mindless fun.

The Bad – Can get pretty repetitive, there’s plenty of moves at your disposal, but you’re not really challenged to try different things…so it’s up to you as to how deep the gameplay can get. Bosses….so far, they all seem to require the same strategy which gets tedious and, well, repetitive. Graphics don’t always have a spitshine, some things up close show some ugly jaginess, framerate will dip sometimes when there’s lots of things happening onscreen, screen tearing rears it’s ugly head sometimes too.

The Ugly – Overall, I think it’s really fun, but not worth 60$…I’d buy it for 40$, like it is on PC. That’s what’s ugly to me, this licensing fee on console games that smacks us poor consumers, grrrr `_´

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  1. Funny. This was a game I was considering buying when the price drops to a more reasonable price. 19.99 in a year or so. 🙂

    Comment by lurkerbelow | May 20, 2009

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