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Podcast Fallout 3 Follow up talk

So our wonderkid Mr Rivera hasen’t been to the Alien Crash Site in fallout 3 yet. So i’m going to be nice and post it here! It’s west of the greener pastures disposal site and north of the MDPL Power Station. If you havent been to the green pastures disposal site to pick up the bobblehead – Agility. Do it. There’s no way to tell yet if this is part of the 5th DLC Mothership Zeta, but it’s possible! Bethesda alludes to it otherwise “In Mothership Zeta the aliens have returned and they are pissed. The mothership answers the distress call sent out by the alien ship at the Alien Crash Site and abducts the player, making the whole DLC take place on board of the alien ship”. I’m sure they’ll just work it into the story. Oh and fyi Point Lookout is the 4th dlc. Here’s a sweet picture of what looks to be some wetlands country!?

Dont mind the skellies

Dont mind the skellies

Here’s a picture for the location.

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Tv show Lost and Target?

A random person posted a quite hilarious review of some Target Dinner Ware. A review that only lost fans can appreciate. I wont spoil anything but go check out the review section by a character from lost on target’s website for Coleman Enamel Ware 24 piece Dining kit. Pretty funny stuff.

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Night Elf Druid Bear forms released!

Blizzard put up their next installment of druid forms. From blizzard

“We continue our look at the new druid art with our second installment, night elf bear form. Here’s a peek at the current look of bear form along with the five new textures. As a reminder, night elves will be able to change which look they use by switching hair color in the barber shop. ”



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