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14th Podcast!

We excel at quickies: Fallout 3, Roller Coaster tycoon 2, Ghostbusters, Infamous, some Lost Stuffs comes up, Achievements, and Punchout. All in 30 minutes. Check out the 14th Podcast!

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PS3 Bundle with Final Fantasy VII

I tend to err on the side of caution when nothing is cited in a article but we’ll report this anyways. Kotaku is saying that Gamestop is saying That I’m saying what we’re saying is the 80 Gig PS3 will be bundled with Final Fantasy VII at the $399.99 price at your local Gamestop’s. It’s Part of a One-off promotion. Thing is, nowhere on Gamestop’s website is this listed nor, is it listed on Sony’s PS3 site. Futhermore for a promotion starting June 2nd, that’s awfully LATE to announce this as Kotaku puts it “This is a one time only pack-in by stores offer to boost sales” on the PS3 80GB units”.

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