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Faction Change Service for World of Warcraft

Blizzard has announced they are working on someone being able to switch factions in game. There are no specifics yet, as how can it apply. I have a Tauren shaman and if going based on it’s opposite, a gnome, there is no gnome shaman. I could only go to drenai due to the alliance only having one race capable of being a shaman. And that’s just one case. Also, how does rep work? I doubt this will happen but I cant forsee a “tauren” on the alliance side. That’s just a little odd. But if luke can be tempted by the darkside whose to say Mooshoopork cant be? It’s something they did come out and say NEVER would happen but hey. Everyone wants to make money in this ECONOMIC DOWNTOWN.

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PS2 emulation coming to PS3, we told ya!

Problem is, we don’t know when yet. Joystiq and Kotaku reported that a patent has been unconvered that Sony filed, in which the PS3 can emulate the functions of the PS2 CPU. Hopefully this will be for full backwards-compatibility, and maybe throwing some of those PS2 classics on the PSN. We’ll let you know when we know more.

PS2 emulation? I can haz it?

PS2 emulation? I can haz it?

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GBU review for Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day (Nintendo DS)

This little game marries entertainment and education – and therefore is referred to as “edutainment.” How cute. Little brain teasers and exercises stimulate your thought processes and get the wheels turning again, but packaged in mini-game format so you don’t even realize you are … gasp … thinking. And since you’ve probably already wasted a few hours (and brain cells) playing your 360 or PS3, the games really do take a matter of minutes – combined. The idea is that you first set up a profile and run a brain age test to determine whether your responsiveness is that of, say, a perky and attentive teenager or a tired old grandpa. By completing a few exercises a day, you will hypothetically see improvements and reduce brain age.

 Brain Age 2

Good: The puzzles are very simple to figure out, but challenging enough to give your brain a little workout. In this increasingly dumbed down world where even our cell phones have tip calculators (I’m not hating, I love this feature), we sometimes forget how to add anything larger than 2 + 2. It actually kind of feels good to challenge yourself.

The interface is user-friendly and makes great use of the DS capabilities. Most of the time you are writing on the screen with a stylis or speaking into the microphone. It works for either left or right handed folks. The host of the game, Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, is an actual neuroscientist whose avatar slips in for funny comments and tips on how to improve your cognitive thinking. One interesting tip I learned – knitting can actually help stimulate your brain waves.

My favorite feature of the game is actually one of the “bonus” levels they give you as a reward for logging in a certain number of days. There’s a simplified Tetris-like game called Virus Buster that is just the most addicting thing I’ve ever played. There’s also a Sodoku feature that you can play if you are so inclined. Personally, I’m not interested.

Over all I think this is the perfect game to throw in your purse (or whatever dudes carry) to play on the subway or while waiting for a table at a restaurant. It’s quick, easy, and fun.

Bad: If you really think that you’re going to get smarter by playing this game, then you’ll be disappointed. It may awaken your cognitive abilities or improve your memory somewhat, but I wouldn’t bank on lasting effects. I found that my interest dropped off after a few weeks, and I no longer log in on a daily basis to play.

It can get a bit repetitive, but that is kind of the point. You are supposed to get better at the different puzzles and track your progress. I imagine this would get real old after months of “training” (but then you could always buy the original Brain Age to mix it up).

Ugly: Nothing really. This is exactly what it presents itself to be – short, simple puzzles intended to make you think for a few minutes after zoning away at your desk job. Not earth-shattering, nor does it set out to be.

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GBU game review for Point Lookout-Fallout 3 DLC (Xbox360)

Just when we thought Bethesda was done with Fallout 3 DLC, they go and announce more, we don’t mind 🙂 Point Lookout was released on 6/23/09 for Xbox360 and PC. The PS3 version should be out later this year.

The Good – More Fallout 3, takes place in Maryland, new locales such as swamps and woods freshen up the scenery once again. Feels like a natural extension to the Fallout 3 world, not just an enclosed area like The Pitt was. New enemies reminiscent of the baddies in The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn, are challenging and bring a sense of creepiness in the beginning. Really cool moment that I can’t describe, it would be spoiling to my fellow Fallout3 freaks 🙂  Going back later on, there’s a bunch of side quests that probably equal the amount of gameplay that the main quest delivers, that made this DLC extra fun and my 2nd fav of the Fallout 3 stuff(#1 being Broken Steel).

The Bad – Keeping in line with the other pieces of DLC, feels way too short, definitely could’ve used more quests. More drab than the regular wasteland, lots of fog. While the quests are fun as usual, I didn’t feel that the stories associated with them were that interesting. Main quest tries to throw in conflict that doesn’t affect your karma in any way, and is ultimately pointless no matter which side you choose. The loot here is the weakest of the DLC bunch, the big ‘prize’ at the end, while powerful, is just ‘meh’ on the cool scale.

The Ugly – Storing the DLC on my old 20GB hard drive…..what a pain to clear stuff to make enough room for it and room for the Fallout 3 game, cuz, well….I hate the loud sound of the 360 spinning the disc, so I install.

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Friday Night Horror Corner- The Bunker

As I sit here writing my review I’m several beers into an unemployed Friday night.  So the last few days I have been overloading my brain with internet job searches, video games, and spending copious amounts of time with my daughter.  As any one of you might guess I’ve also been pulling out the old DVD’s and watching a few horror movies.   Tonight I’ve saved the best for a drunken Friday night with friends.  The Bunker,  a movie about a squad of Nazi soldiers pushed back to a bunker in the middle of nowhere.  A time honored plot line of a building being built over unholy ground a la poltergeist  1 – a million.  The soldiers are holed up in a bunker versus an imaginary American force surrounding them.  As the soldiers succumb to various hallucinations and increasing paranoia things start to go wrong when one of them decides to go to the underground tunnels to find a way out.  Of course the “Americans” get into the tunnels and start to kill them off one by one.  Well as you might suspect things go seriously downhill when the flashbacks and hallucinations begin causing people to lose their minds.  Serious bouts of anger and delirium are whittling away at the morale of the group.   Because I don’t want you to hate me for spoiling the movie, people die and the movie ends.  So to wrap this up before I black out or the thunderstorm were having kills my internet, this is another Nazi suspense wartime movie.  I will be shifting next week to zombie movies and really getting into the down and dirty.  So for now Dream Machines this is atomiczombie tuning in and tuning out.


Keep your baseball bats and machetes ready for next week.  We might have a nice heated discussion about the perfect zombie weapons and how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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Press hop with Allen Iverson

Man, this is cracking me up. I can’t stop watching it. You may have learned of Steve Porter from his Rap Chop, or the sham-wow chop, but he’s hit gold again with another rap. He mashes up a bunch of stars, the famous Jim Mora freak out, the dennis green rage moment and my favorite of all TO cry-baby meltdown. THATS MY QUATERBACK. (not anymore)

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New Shaman Toolbar

So Patch 3.2 is bringing massive changes to parts of the game of World of Warcraft One of them is an attempt to make shaman’s totems more versatile and easier to manage in both pve and pvp content. The PTR is up and you can enjoy the patch for all it’s glory. Here is a video of the new toolbar!

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Rumor, Xbox360 getting 1 terabyte hard drive?

Whoowee, I hope so, and for the love of gaming, please be affordable! has an article up that says an analyst is predicting the release of the drive when Project Natal ships. Though I hope it were sooner, it only makes sense now that Microsoft will soon be offering full 360 games to buy straight off the Xbox Live Marketplace. Add to that, 1080p video rentals as well….not only is that old 20GB drive rendered useless, but the 60GB as well…and the 120GB will only fill up fast. I’ve been bellyaching about what Microsoft does as far as hard drive prices for a long time now….I mean, c’mon, 150$ for a 120GB drive, when I just bought a 1 terabyte external drive for my pc for less than 100bux! Let’s hope for some good news soon.

1 Terabyte? I can haz it?

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X-Engine, updated 360 dev kit, why’s this important?

I’ll tell you why…you give a game developer better and easier to handle tools to work with on a game platform, then you potentially have better and more advanced games in the future. UK site gamezine has reported that newer dev kits have been shipped out earlier this year. Is this exciting? Hellz yes! Think about Gears of War, then Gears of War 2….part 1 was great, but part 2…oh man, levels were significantly larger, graphics better defined, tons more enemies on screen…that’s just some of the benefits that time and improved tools can help developers to accomplish. Here we’re thinking things probably won’t get any better with current platforms, the next wave of games will hopefully prove us wrong. Check out the link, there’s some interesting stuff there.

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Screen Shots for Isle of Conquest

Some new screen shots have been leaked for the Isle of Conquest Battleground. One is of the bg itself and one of the extension to the map. The map is really worrysome to me. There’s forever that “honor farming” that goes on and since the map is so vast, are we going to see a repeat of AV? I think more than likely. At least after the first month when the “newness” wears off and people start complaining. I do in fact like the objectives that are being added and I’m one of the few in favor of vehicle combat. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say the alliance side is the blue, duh right? So the imbalance of the map right off the bat is whatever is that place on the right side. The trip to it is equally as fast for the horde side as it is alliance. Yet the i’m going to guess machine shop in near the horde base is equally as close to them but much further than the alliance. The alliance’s, i’m going to guess machine shop again, is in front of the horde base. So much for equal sides. I was thinking of resubbing to check this out but, it’s crack as we all know. And I may just be trippin’ on serious stuff. I haven’t even played the bg so who knows what the kiddies will do to it.

The images are too big for displaying so I’ll just put down some links.

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GBU Tomb Raider: Underworld

If there is one thing I like just as much as zombies its Vikings.  Which is understandably weird since I’m a Scotch Irish Englishman, which basically means I fight with myself a lot.  So understandably Tomb Raider Underworld set off my Viking alarm almost as hard as VIKING did.  And if you haven’t played Viking I’ll be reviewing that one next week.  So here we go Lara Croft’s 8th time in a video game and one of the better Tomb Raiders.


GOOD:  If crystal Dynamics hit Tomb Raider legend out of the park this pitch they hit off the planet.  The game play was intense.  Shoot a chip off a wall in the maze level to mark which way you are going and how to get back.  The environment is your biggest foe in this game, in fact only two levels where your racing against time to stop the bad guys all while being shot at.  And really the only shooting is in the initial phase of the levels.  The motorcycle levels include puzzles that you need the motorcycle to solve.  Plus it is really fun to ride around on a motorcycle through ancient ruins and up walls and over huge gaping chasms.  The storyline shores up some of the loose ends created in the Legend and Anniversary titles allowing the player to finally get a full picture of what has been happening to Lara and her family.  Also the story of Ragnarok, Mjolnir, and Valhalla are intertwined into the storyline to offer a bit more depth to the puzzles and their meaning.

BAD:  As with most Tomb Raider games of this caliber it was entirely too short, however it was still gripping and kept me entertained for hours on end.

UGLY:  The ending looks like the end of the Tomb Raider storyline, however hopefully Crystal Dynamics will bring a new story line to this franchise and allow the die hard fans such as myself to continue playing these amazing puzzle action games.

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Reminder-Fallout 3:Point Lookout DLC is out

In case the Fallout 3 hounds forgot, Point Lookout dropped this past tuesday for Xbox360 and PC. Regular rules apply, 800 MS points(or 10 bux) weighing in at about 500 megs or so. I got my download on last night, so when I get more time…..well, Fallout 3 will destroy it 🙂 Looks to be doing solid on the metacritic at 83 atm, and thank the lawd, doesn’t seem to have the problems the last 2 pieces of DLC had when they launched.

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GBU game review for Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)

Proving that 3rd party exclusives are hardly exclusive anymore, an updated version of the then exclusive Xbox360 game, Ninja Gaiden II(notice that ‘Only on Xbox360’ badge?), was announced this past E3 for the PS3, in Sigma form. Meaning there will probably be updated levels, weapons, modes, etc. Ninja Gaiden came out for the Xbox1 back in ’04, then remade as Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3’s launch in 06′ with those mentioned enhancements.

The Good – Awesome, fast paced hack-n-slash gameplay that really rewards the player for learning it’s deep combo system, button mashers beware, this game will not forgive amateurs. Deep upgrade system for weapons and powers. Beautiful 1080p graphics that run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second, sure it’s an update to a last gen game, but man is it pleasing to the eye.

The Bad – Notorious for it’s brutal difficulty level, I’m not kidding, I’m sure this game was the cause for many broken xbox controllers 5yrs ago. As I stated in the good, if you learn the system you can get through it, till I got near the end, my PS3 controller almost took flight! So I had to quit. Storyline is typical japanese style action fantasy, which means it doesn’t make much sense. First you’re fighting on a zeppellin, then in a casino, then underground against a dinosaur skeleton, wait, how’d we get here again? LOL

The Ugly – The boobie physics of the main female character, seriously, they don’t stop swaying or jiggling, it’s just weird.

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Fake Obama Car ads proves everything is for sale

While peruzzing one of my favorite local gossip blogs they posted on something I totally want to spit on. CNN also caught wind of this. So…Y’know Every good idea has a bad side. Every right decision can have equally as bad of a outcome. So can you imagine the meeting where these two car dealerships that rip off President Obama’s well known slogans and events as sales pitches? The sales team shrugs, “sure boss. Good idea.That will really help with sales.” I bet this will get as worn out as the term “economic downturn” and “hard times”. I don’t doubt that if you’re in the Car selling business for a period of more than a few years a certain amount of sleeze comes naturally to you. And there are some pretty awful ads by Car dealership but these are pretty epic.

and another creepy one..

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Tier 9 item sets

Mmo champion has reported that Tier 9 items will have different models for each faction. Alliance and Horde. He goes on to explain with an example that I’ll dumb down. Paladins have three different talent trees, one for healing, one for tanking and one for just damage. And one for each level. Remember blizzard implimented more mini tiered raiding in Wotlk? Well that means that there are now 18 sets for Paladins.

One would think that it’s different recolorings. So that Horde get Red and alliance get blue themed items. And I’m OK with that, I didn’t like everyone looks exactly the same in game at higher levels. Cool yeah? It’s the little things y’all. For that vast amount of people that don’t raid, and I’m sure it’s well over 1/2, this news is whatever.

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EA Sports NHL 10 Cover announced.

Madden Be Damned, it seems the curse doesn’t really strech to my beloved sport hockey. That said, There’s no Alex Ovetchkin on this cover, winner of a 2nd hart trophy. (SCREW YOU MALKIN YA HOSER!). Patrick Kane, step on up. Still burning a little over the flyers not getting the #1. Although, I dont think the flyers would have taken a winger with the first pick. We had (sorry scottie upshall). James van Riemsdyk, you better be AMAZING buddy!504x_eacover_nhl10

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Starcraft 2 Game Play Protoss vs Zerg

Blizzard has released another video containing gameplay, a match rather, where the Protoss are playing against the zerg. That nulifier looks sick for the protoss. The scope of this game looks amazing. I’m way excited.

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Pearl Jam, Maroon 5 New Rock Band DLC June 23rd 2009

Nothing much here for me but pearl jeam is big stuff. I bet there are millions of people out there going nuts. Well maybe not millions. Here’s the list of the new rock band DLC for June 23rd 2009.

“The Downfall of Us All” A Day to Remember
“21st Century (Digital Boy)” Bad Religion
“I Didn’t Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was a Wizard” Chiodos
“The Flood” Escape the Fate
“Reinventing Your Exit” Underoath
“Little of Your Time” Maroon 5
“Makes Me Wonder” Maroon 5
“Wake Up Call” Maroon 5
“Brother” Pearl Jam
“Alive” (Live: Drop in the Park) Pearl Jam
“State of Love and Trust” (Live: Drop in the Park) Pearl Jam

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New Xbox 360 Buyers Guide

So you just got a new xbox 360 and you’re not staring at the wall wondering what in the world to purchase. Maybe the 59.99 new game price tag is scaring you, maybe you don’t want to pay MORE on top of the new system you just bought, maybe you have to run or you are ok with spending money for what’s considered to be the best games. Well here’s a little guide towards purchasing games for the new xbox 360 owner. I’m going to post this with the thought that my partner in crime will add something in the comments! 🙂

Away we go.

1. Gears of War Exclusive to XboxFirst person shooter, Mature Language. This is the game that really kicked off the xbox 360 craze in my book. This game is to the 360 what Halo was to the original Xbox. I read a stat that nearly all of the new consoles in the year this game out were bought with a copy of Gears of War. It’s a Third person with a switch to First person shooter set in a post apocolyptic world. You kill aliens while cursing, yelling and taking a heck of a lot of cover. The graphics are gorgeous. It’s also a moderate length game. Only the most extreme gamers will finish this in one setting though. You’re looking at 12 or so hours. The best part is that there is a good amount of replay value due to the harder settings. See Also Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and Call of Duty.Price 19.99 used.

2. Lego Star WarsNot Exclusive to any system – RPG-light action. Family oriented. This is a wonderful game for the non shooter/blood types. Maybe you want to jump from your nintendo days into something a little more. This game is a two button game solving puzzles and jumping over spaces on your own or with a teammate. Sound familiar? The story is easy to digest and very light humor that will leave you giggling in parts. You can easily put in 80-100 hours. About 8x the normal game.You can also subsiute Lego Star Wars with Indiana jones, batman, or the new Lego Harry Potter (no release date). The Lego Star Wars one is considered to be the best of the 3 due to the following of a well known story. Price 17.99

3. Grand Theft Auto 4 – Non-exclusive to any system – Heavy Violence,Graphic Language,Sexual Content. If you loved any gta game before this, this game will drive you wild with excitement. I think our kid is still giggling over this game and it’s been a year since release. There is a MASSIVE world to run around in. You’ll do any number of jobs within the city. The radio stations are as varied as they are epic in it’s quality. The cutscenes are no joke. The violence is over the top so this is not geared towards the faint of heart. Price 39.99

4. Fallout 3 Core gameplay not exclusive to any system but DLC is exclusive for a time. Heavy Violence. We constantly talk up this game on the podcast. So much so we devoted an entire one to it. It’s extremely easy to pick up for the uninitiated gamer though it make take a hour or two to get “into” the game. It starts off slow but when it picks up, it’s an EXPLOSION. There is enormous amounts of game-play in either 3rd person or 1st person and you’re not exclusivly set to either setting. There are multiple updates for the game that cost 10$ more that add more content into the game. You can specialize your character to have abilities and weapons that make you unique in your own way. I’ve talked to multiple people on how they play the game and everyone says something different. See also : Obvilion (fantasy version) and Mass Effect. Price 54.99

5. Fable 2Exclusive to xbox360 – Mature theme’s, Action-adventure. This is a “role playing game” of sorts. To me this game is a almost 100. With the only exception being lack of clothing you are given. It’s THAT close to being perfect for me. The game-play can be challenging at times but 90% of your game-play is playing part of a wonder full fantasy story line. You are given vast expanses of land, though not as large as other games, to explore. You’re given a dog that does commands like fetch a ball or play dead….And you’re given a dog. Which is so awesome it’s worth mentioning twice. Casting spells is easy, maybe too easy, you just press and hold a button but still fun. You can make your spells stronger through leveling up screens and nearly every choice you make has a outcome on your story. It’s WoW without the addiction. There is DLC for this game but not to the extent of Fallout 3. Price 39.99 used

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Grand Theft Auto:Chinatown Wars for PSP, this fall

Rockstar Games just announced that their DS iteration on the GTA franchise, Chinatown Wars will be coming to the PSP this fall. It’ll be available on disc(UMD) as well as being downloadable from the Playstation Network. While the title seemed to be exclusive to the DS, sales apparently didn’t fare too well(hardcore games on a Nintendo system? Not too lucky), so I can only guess they wanna recoup some of the development cost. The title should be receiving graphical updates, maybe even looking as good as the PS2 games did. The last 2 GTA games on the PSP pretty much ran on the same engine and looked great, save for lower res textures and such. I played some of GTA:CW, and it’s pretty damn good if you’re a GTA fan, I’m excited to see it coming to PSP, but I’m gonna miss the cool touch screen stuff.

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