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Halo 3 ODST – XBOX360 – 9/22/09

Coming this fall, nearly 2yrs. after Halo3 came out, the been announced expansion to Halo 3, ODST, finally drops, quick description from destructoid  takes place a few weeks before the events of Halo 3. The ODST soldiers are in the City of New Mombasa, Africa where parts of Halo 2 took place in. The ODST soldiers have some new tools at their disposal that the Master Chief never got such as sound suppressed weapons and a low light vision mode to help them see in the dark. We’ll also see a brand new pistol that fans of the original Halo will really dig. ODST will also have a brand new co-op mode called Firefight.”….it also comes with a beta for Halo Reach, which we don’t know much about yet, but destructoid had this to say “If you didn’t read the first book in the Halo novel series, the Planet Reach is a human military planet where the SPARTAN II’s were trained. The Covenant eventually find the planet, and like the rest of the human colonies, destroy the planet. The events of the original Halo actually take place moments after the the planet Reach is attacked.” Here’s to hoping for some more awesome Halo action.

*Update* Kotaku reports of a 99$ Collector’s Edition with this snazzy lookin controller, as Rick James would say “give it to me baby!” :-p

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E3 – Day 1 – Kojima Finally Comes Clean

As you guys can tell from some of Jamie’s previous posts, it’s the 1st day of E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) and Microsoft is the first up to bat with their press conference. We finally get the news of Hideo Kojima’s next project “Metal Gear Solid Rising”, coming to the xbox360, but they didn’t mention exclusive, so chances are it’ll be on PS3 as well. Also with the subtitle “Lightning Bolt Action”, showing Raiden on the title screen, possibly confirming what I was hoping for. An MGS starring Raiden as he appeared in MGS4 with crazy fast sword fighting, matrix style action. Hopefully more info will be revealed soon.

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Microsoft announces Xbox Live to have more Avatar goodness!

I pulled this from another places wonderfull coverage 😉 I should say that we’ll do an opinion piece on why we think this is the future of gaming. Not saying it’s the “saviour” but rather where gaming, and movies are going. Boom.

“Xbox Live’s Marc Whitten announced that, starting in August, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download full Xbox 360 games. Titles shown in a dashboard mock-up included Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, BioWare, LEGO Star Wars and Oblivion.

New games will be offered each week.

Microsoft points will not be required, as the service will support credit card purchases.

Whitten declined to say how closely the games will be released to regular retail releases. Prices were not announced”

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LEGO HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok yeah, what wonderful news. LEGO HARRY POTTER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Years 1-4 will be the first installment with a release of 2010. I’m sure we can guess all the normal systems will be carrying this, Wii, Ps3, Xbox360. Youtube has a trailer for it!

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