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Phish, Coheed and Cambria New Rock Band DLC released June 2nd

Ok So in college I had a roomate. He went to LOTS of phish shows, played LOTS of phish ALL.DAY.LONG and did lots of things one doesn’t do when police and parental units are hanging around. Wilson was one of the songs he played and one I actually got into by phish. They are still on the whole a little too “noodly” for me but i’m glad to see them make an appearance and a much beloved song amongst phishheads. The other bigger, Coheed and Cambria, I find the guys voice unusual. At least rush could lay claim to being Canadian but this dude is from New York. Noones voice sounds like that on their own. And TV on the Radio, i was going to say they sound like MGMT or something “hip” and kind of “80’s” sounding. Whatever. Somebody likes them! I’ll step offa my soapbox. Here’s the list of the new DLC for Rock band on June 2nd.

“Shimmer & Shine” – Ben Harper and Restless 7
“A Favor House Atlantic” – Coheed and Cambria
“The Running Free” – Coheed and Cambria
“Wilson Live” – Phish
“Steady at the Wheel” – Shooter Jennings
“Wolf Like Me” – Tv on the Radio

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The Last Guardian E3 2009 Trailer

Sony hasn’t released the direct feed trailer on the PSN yet (I want it HD!), but here’s a capture of the G4TV feed. This looks stunning, the creature reminds me of Falcor, the luck dragon from The Neverending Story….don’t know when this game is coming, but I can’t wait, enjoy the trailer below.

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GBU for Condemned: Criminal Orgins

My name is Atomic Zombie.

Im pretty sure im a cautionary tale to all gamers. I am the stereotypical middle aged gamer with a wife and a kid. I barely have time to play the games I have, so keeping up with my unmarried, and unhindered friends has killed my gamer street cred. I am about 2 – 3 years behind on current games and subsequent news, however I can change a diaper on a screaming child faster than Mr Magoo in a kydex speedo. Im mildly interested in Zombie movies and the horror genre, and attest that zombies cannot run jump or snarl as it were. Ive publicly attested that George Romero is in fact my real father, the resulting DNA test was negative but I still have hope. I enjoy First person shooters, REAL zombie games, anything militaristic, puzzle games , and long walks on the beach. I almost added RPG games but after a serious bout of WOW addiction and quitting cold turkey I seriously cannot list them, in fact I almost didnt get fallout 3 because of the fact it was an rpg. And me not playing a fallout game is well like the sun not coming up.
well thats pretty much me wrapped up in a nice little package. if you have questions about my personal life or my likes or dislikes ask my wife she knows better than I do.

So here’s my first review, Condemned CO was the first game I ever picked up for my 360. Ill get right to it than yes?

Good: This game had AMAZIING graphics and movie like sequences. With the lights off and the HD going this game looked amazing. The gameplay and controlls were simple but effective and the fighting was realistic. Picking up pipes and bats because bullets would run out three rooms after you picked up the guns. AWESOME! It has lots of replay value, this thing gets replayed every three to four months. The fighting and skull bashing is just way to much fun not to play it.

Bad: The story was actually bad. It was linear with a few jumps back and forth and overall made sense but it was just sinfully dumbed down. The game art looked alot like a redone Max Payne early levels. Although gladly it was just a darkened gameworld not a wannabe film noir representation of a crime novella.

Ugly: Really the only truely ugly thing about this game was the C.S.I. stuff. i felt some of it was thrown in as an afterthought. Although it did give the storyline a little more running room it didnt give the game any more playability.

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GBU review for Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS)

Hi, this is my first time posting to MCC, so introductions are in order. I’m Jessica, a.k.a. Baby Girl (lol) and NOT, by definition, a “gamer.” But I do like playing from time to time, and offer my reviews from a casual player’s perspective. So, without further ado… 

I love the DS because most of the games aren’t a huge commitment, and usually aren’t too hard. Phantom Hourglass is my favorite DS game so far, combining fun interactive aspects, a cute storyline, and acceptable level of challenge.

Good: It’s Zelda! This game has all the familiar sound bites and graphics from previous editions (think along the lines of Wind Waker), and is immediately engaging. The casual gamer can pick it up with no prior knowledge of Zelda games, or games in general, and figure out the general gameplay. The boards are short enough that they don’t exasperate the player, but offer enough content on each level. 

Without a doubt, Phantom Hourglass utilizes the interactive and innovative capabilities of the DS to the full extent. Most of the gameplay uses the stylus for action – whether moving Link or engaging in battle, or plotting a course for the boat to travel the different maps. There are loads of fun things to do, like drawing notes on the screen, controlling Link’s boomerang, using traveling bombs, and at one point players even have to blow into the mic to mimic blowing out a torch. Creative! 

Traveling between maps is also fun, as Link sets sail on a boat. Mini challenges include fishing for a rare fish, discovering hidden treasure on the ocean floor, and battling a secondary character who has a grudge against Link’s shipmate. This helps break the game up a little and is just as enjoyable as the main plot. 

Bad: Well apparently there are online components to the game, where you can battle another player in an arena. To be honest, I didn’t even try this so I can’t comment on it. It just seems unnecessary. 

Ugly: The dungeons get pretty darn repetitive. In fact, there’s only one dungeon that players go back to several times during the storyline, progressing a bit further each time. The idea is that throughout the game, Link discovers more “time” for his Phantom Hourglass, which allows more time to complete new levels in the dungeon. But timed games always add extra pressure and there were plenty of times when I couldn’t finish the level before time ran out. Part of the challenge? Yes. But also incredibly frustrating? Hell yes.

zelda phantom hourglass screenshot

zelda phantom hourglass screenshot

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GBU review for Spore (PC)

The wildly publicised copyright DRM battleground game Spore is something I’ve been playing heavily for the past week. Overall I’ll lay into some bad but there is alot of good mixed in, but it will take too long to write out. I’ll say this is a must play for anyone who enjoys sim-type games and if they can somehow improve the balance of the levels through the expansions, Will Wrights original idea will turn out being a classic. Only time can tell.

Good Customization of your alien and buildings. The amount of customization you can do possibly surpasses the amount of fun you’ll have actually playing the game. You can mold your alien into ANY form you wish. Each body part – eyes,feed,hands can be adjusted to larger or smaller degrees or streched or shrunk. The same goes with buildings. It’s a 3d model creator at YOUR hands. Each stage of the game has it’s own brand fun and possible enjoyment. The first stage is the most memorable and shortest. You see your “level” or size of things and larger bacteria above you. I’ll show it in the screen. The art direction during this part is amazing.

Bad You take your little alien through 4 stages of growth with elements getting progressivley more complex at each stage. In theory this is awesome. In execution it’s less than and this is down to Quests. In the bacteria stage all you do is eat things. the next stage all you do is dance. the third is dancing again? and the 4th you go into the largest stage, space and do no dancing but instead collect 4 items, kill 5 things or talk to new species. Wait a second, is this World of Warcraft or Spore?

Ugly The balance of the game. The space stage is unbelievably longer than the bacteria. I’m talking 20 to 30 possible hours to a half hour. The reward for the latter part of the game is exponentially less than actually just going between your planets and selling spice that is mined by your colonies. Which is just endless grinding towards what? Upgrading your space ship? Is this Eve Online or Spore? I’ve had the game crash on me multiple times while leaving planets (and you can only save the game while off planet), leaving to alot of progress lost.

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Fallout 3 Point Lookout DLC Trailer HAS ZOMBIES

Ok, so the zombies are the new moustachey eyetalians but that’s ok since it’s in the Fallout 3 world. To all my brethren in Power Armor, or Tesla Armor our next battle awaits. And this time in ZOMBIE LAND MWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. Why does this scream a October release? Is it the zommmbieeeee’s. Ok. enough with that zombie smeg. The new trailer for the Point Lookout dlc looks pretty spooky if you ask me. I might go all RP with this and wear some wastelander gear instead of my power armor. That will last about .2 seconds though i’m sure.

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EyePet (PS3)

I just watched this off the PSN(Playstation Network), and wow I think this is pretty cool. It’s a game or more like a virtual pet app that works with the Playstation Eye camera for PS3. They show a cute monkey that you can pet, play with, even make toys for it to play with, this looks great for kids. No word on availability yet. Check out the vid below.

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Brink (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) – Spring 2010

Publisher Bethesda, who we heart very much, has finally showed off their latest offering, Brink. It’s a futuristic first person shooter with RPG elements, some parkour stuff, and an open ended mission structure. This bad boy sounds a bit complex, I 1st came across it on this joystiq post, then kotaku which they sum up as “think Team Fortress 2, Mirror’s Edge and Fallout 3”, but they go much more in-depth, so please check out their post on what could potentially be Bethesda’s next hit.

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Playstation 3 Motion Controller

Looks like Sony also wants to bite into some of Nintendo’s casual market share, today announcing their answer to motion controlling, sorry no cool names like ‘Project Natal’ or dates or pricing, just tech demoing on the E3 floor. Sure their pack in controllers on the PS3 has some motion sensing with the six-axis technology, but it’s nowhere near as intuitive as Nintendo’s Wiimote, or what Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal seems to be. Here’s a little description from the joystiq post on it “The PlayStation Controller will work in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye, which will capture movements of the motion controller for “true one-to-one tracking.” Sony showed off a variety of tech demos for use of the motion controller, including sword swinging fantasy, tank-based third-person shooting, archery, tennis and drawing — all of which are meant only to demonstrate what is possible with the motion controller and is not the final software for the new peripheral (Those looking for a PS Sports title, sorry).” Kotaku posted some news about it as well, check it out.

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PSP Go – Oct. 1st – 250$

One of the worst kept secrets of the gaming industry this past year, the PSP Go, has been announced at E3 today. Dropping on Oct. 1st at a hefty 250$ price tag, updates include a slide out button interface, the elimination of the UMD drive so you’ll get your games through Sony’s download service, PSN(Playstation Network), 16Gigs of flash storage, memory stick micro slot and the addition of bluetooth, which will possibly provide smoother interactivity with the PS3. Check out kotaku’s hands on impressions straight from the E3 floor.

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