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Phish, Coheed and Cambria New Rock Band DLC released June 2nd

Ok So in college I had a roomate. He went to LOTS of phish shows, played LOTS of phish ALL.DAY.LONG and did lots of things one doesn’t do when police and parental units are hanging around. Wilson was one of the songs he played and one I actually got into by phish. They are still on the whole a little too “noodly” for me but i’m glad to see them make an appearance and a much beloved song amongst phishheads. The other bigger, Coheed and Cambria, I find the guys voice unusual. At least rush could lay claim to being Canadian but this dude is from New York. Noones voice sounds like that on their own. And TV on the Radio, i was going to say they sound like MGMT or something “hip” and kind of “80’s” sounding. Whatever. Somebody likes them! I’ll step offa my soapbox. Here’s the list of the new DLC for Rock band on June 2nd.

“Shimmer & Shine” – Ben Harper and Restless 7
“A Favor House Atlantic” – Coheed and Cambria
“The Running Free” – Coheed and Cambria
“Wilson Live” – Phish
“Steady at the Wheel” – Shooter Jennings
“Wolf Like Me” – Tv on the Radio

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  1. C and C ROCK man!

    and phish has never been more than a decent cover band of the Dead.


    Comment by atomiczombie79 | June 4, 2009

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