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New Night Elf Druid Animation

Blizzard has released the new Night Elf Druid forms for World of Warcraft. I leveled up a Feral Druid to 70, then moved her to Balance at 70 and got to 72. Then Dual spec’d to Moonkin and Resto. I had a TON of fun! In some ways seeing these forms makes me want to play my nelf but…not completely. 🙂 Anyways, here’s a small screen!

New Druid Forms!

New Druid Forms!

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  1. Ahem. You leveled the druid from like 20 – 72, don’t lie. Those first few levels were crucial, and that was alllll me 😉

    Comment by Jessica | June 4, 2009

  2. did. Although to be honest I remember you playing her until the late 50’s…and even into the 60-70’s…

    Comment by lurkerbelow | June 4, 2009

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