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Iron Maiden New Rock Band DLC

Rock Band’s new release really drops some heavy stuff on it’s users with the mega release of Iron Maiden Pack. Run to the hills is available currently as a Cover, so the fans who squee over Original versions will be mucho pleased. Here’s the full list of downloadable content for the June 9th Release.

“Aces High” (Live)
“2 Minutes to Midnight”
“The Trooper” Iron Maiden
“Wasted Years” Iron Maiden
“The Number of the Beast” (Original Version)
“Run to the Hills” (Original Version)
“Can I Play with Madness”
“The Clairvoyant”
“Fear of the Dark” (Live)
“Hallowed Be Thy Name” (Live)
“Iron Maiden” (Live)

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Star Wars Republic Dev Interview and Brink too!

Go Go Giant Bomb. Giant Bomb got a chance to interview some of the developers for Star Wars: The Old republic. It’s safe to say we don’t really learn anything from them. Lets see some gameplay for this already.

They also Interviewed the creative director for Brink. So yeah, lots of details about the story for the game. It’s a new FPS as we know, and they say it’s a “class” based system. Curious. Then the next weird thing is that the company will intervene into your game and direct you to play online. Now it could just be a prompt and probably will, the man hours for that is insane, but uh. Creepy. So the story is basically a futuristic world gone wrong. Utopia gone wild Y’ALL. Also someone tell this dude to not drink coffee, he’s on overdrive. Peter Molyneux eat your heart out.

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World first Val’anyr in World of Warcraft

Someone, “snuggleme” got the Legendary Caster Mace out of Ulduar called Val’anyr Hammer of the Ancients. Tuff sounding yeaj? They can now be known as the uber nerd and y’all cant do a damn thing about it. Imagine how many messages that player will get over the course of the next couple of weeks. If my experience of top guild’s on the servers is any indication they’ll probably have some kind of “fan club” pop up spamming the general chat section in The alliance city they reside in.

Here’s a video of the mace courtsey of Mmo-Champion. Ooo La La. Shines.


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Zelda Spirit Tracks given a Release, Holiday 09!

Sadly no EXACT date like most of the other games but that’s ok. Nintendo is pretty good about hitting release dates (srs). But here is a longish list of upcoming Nintendo Releases:

Nintendo DS

* The Legendary Starfy – June 7, 2009
* Fossil Fighters – Aug. 10, 2009
* Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box – Aug. 24, 2009
* Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story – Fall 2009
* Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky – Fall 2009
* Style Savvy – Holiday 2009
* The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – Holiday 2009
* Glory of Heracles – 2010
* Golden Sun DS – 2010
* WarioWare D.I.Y. – TBD
* Picross 3D – TBD


* Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! – June 8, 2009
* Flipnote Studio – Summer 2009
* Crash-Course Domo – TBD
* Hard-Hat Domo – TBD
* Mario Calculator TBD
* Mario Clock TBD
* Pro-Putt Domo TBD
* Rock-n-Roll Domo TBD
* Six in One Translator (working title) – TBD
* White-Water Domo – TBD

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Resident Evil on the PSP Go!

Capcom is reporting that the newly announced Resident Evil game for the PSP Go will in fact be new content and not a remake.. However lets not expect it so soon. They stated on their blog:

“The game is some ways off, so don’t be expecting this one to come home with you when you upgrade to the PSP Go in the fall. I can tell you that Capcom is working very closely with Sony on this title, as it’s something that both companies have wanted on the PSP for quite some time. It’s not a “remake” of a previous RE game, but an all-new title created specifically for the PSP platform, with the PSP Go in mind”

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2009-The year the console hated me

So about a month back, I reported on how a 360 died on me, now the red ring of death thing has been done to death, I have another 360, I’m back to awesome gaming, it’s all good. Now the PS3 on the other hand, is said to be very reliable, and there’s maybe a tenth of the percentage of PS3s that fail compared to 360…… only question is, WHY THE HELL DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?!?! That’s right folks, late night post here, trying to trouble shoot the thing and no-go. I was gonna play some inFamous, had the disc in the machine, decide to watch some more of the PS3 E3 conference that I downloaded off the PSN….go to start the game, title screen, then ‘pew’…shuts off with a red light flashing. No matter what I do, same deal, turn on for a sec, ‘pew’, red light flash. The game’s stuck in the machine, now I gotta call Sony tomorrow, from what I’ve read online, I’m lookin at a 150$ repair fee since the warranty is only for a year I believe, and I’ve had it for 2. Christ that’s expensive, I can live without the games for a little while, but it’s my main movie machine(Bluray, DVD, downloads, etc.) I’ll keep you guys posted on what happens. *stares at the Wii, hoping it doesn’t break my heart too……rage building at an accelerated speed ,grrrr*

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