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GBU review for Sims 2 Double Deluxe (PC)

A little out of date, considering the Sims 3 has been released, but I’m never one to keep up with the latest and greatest. Actually, I just never buy new releases because they are hella expensive!

So, however many years too late, I bought the Sims 2 Double Deluxe for a whopping $19.99.

Good: The game, like its predecessor, managed to suck me into a black hole for several nights, where nothing existed but my Sim and her perfect little house. I remember being in college and playing the original Sims… on a Friday night… until 4 am. Sad, I know. Sims 2 has a more customizable and better quality Sim with new outfits and the ability to be fat or thin, young or old. You can create a family complete with toddlers, adolescents, adults, and even octogenariens. You can have a massive Tudor-style home with antique furniture and dark wood, or a cute one bedroom rancher with kitchy neon signs and hot pink carpets — and anything in between. The most fun is had by entering a cheat code, giving yourself 100,000 simoleon dollars, and decking out your house in the most luxurious or obnoxious decor you can imagine.

It was fun discovering different things for the Sim to do that differed from the first game (at least as far as I could remember), like yoga or DJing a party. Sims 2 Double Deluxe includes the base game as well as the Nightlife expansion pack and Celebration Stuff pack. With Nightlife, you can go “downtown” to hang out at bowling alleys, restaurants, clothing boutiques, etc. You can even try to put the moves on another Sim on a hot date. Just make sure a jealous husband or wife isn’t around — or prepare to tussle.

Why is this stuff just as or even more fun than doing it in real life? Beats me, but somehow it is.

Bad: The weird fun only lasts so long. First, taking your Sim to the toilet or cooking three meals a day is only fun the first half a dozen times. After a while, it’s tedious. They introduced desires or life goals in this game, where you designate whether your Sim will be most interested in marriage/family, career, wealth, etc. When you achieve a goal in your chosen desire, your Sim is happier and more persuasive. In game, this means very little and is more annoying than anything. They also tried to make the Sim more realistic, so that if your lazy Sim never exercises, s/he will physically gain weight. Also, unless you enter the cheat code to turn it off, there is an aging feature. After something like 27 Sim days, your Sim will turn from an adult into a gray haired, slouchy granny. It’s fun watching the transition from a baby to toddler to teen to adult, but way lame when you’re trying like mad to reach the top level in your career but before you can max out your skills you suddenly enter retirement age.

Ugly: The game is not designed to run on laptops, and many people have experienced problems trying to do so. Me included. I have a newer laptop and it’s still unable to play the game. Major downfall, considering I’d specifically purchased the game to play on the laptop while the bf is using the desktop. My other gripe — the game becomes super repetitive after two or three days of (nonstop) playing. You are almost forced to buy expansion packs to keep it interesting. And as I found with Celebration Stuff, some of the expansions are a rip off. In said “Stuff pack,” I got a handful of catering tables, party balloons, and birthday cakes. Not something I’d pay extra for (although for some reason I’m eyeing the pets pack and H&M clothing pack).

All in all, I’d recommend Sims 2 for a weekend or two of fun, at the pricetag of $20. That’s a bargain for games these days. But don’t expect the fun to last more than a couple weeks at max.

Related: the genius behind CTRL + ALT + DEL has captured the essence of the Sims beautifully.

It's funny 'cause it's true

It's funny 'cause it's true

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World of Warcraft Class Review : Shaman

Pulled from blizzard’s website they have announced the first class review for Shamans with Greg Street. known as ghostcrawler on the forums. This is the first in a series of Class Q+A’s for World of Warcraft. Man, this is one heck of a interview to me as I played a shaman Heavily. Although one can say I played everything heavily. 🙂 Anyways. It’s these little things that make me appreciate blizzard for what they do. Although I do believe it fuels the fire for kid’s to complain. Something akin to ” SEE THE DEVS KNOW ITS A PROBLEM THAT IS WHY I’M NOT THE BEST EVAR”. The shaman is an interesting jumping off point because they’re considered a hybird although you can go “purely” down one talent tree and focus on that. Elemental for caster Damage, Enhancement for Melee and Restoration for Healing. I’ve tried all three and failed miserably at all three. Kidding. The class is also has been historically the least played one but most valued. I found my shaman to be as easy as the rest of the classes to level, if not easier due to all the buffs I could give myself for totems. Out of mana? Drop Manaspring, go to the bathroom, and I’m full. Bewm.

They do focus on a lot of PVP questions and that cannot be “balanced” in my humble opinion. There are so many X factors. What it’s doing is changing the normal part of the game and I’ll give one example: ‘too much burst damage’ , they mention the shamans “kill the wounded guy” role and that’s because they can do a quick set of spells together as either damage spec to take about 1/3 health off of you. Hence the kill the wounded guy mentality. The biggest problem is that to drop all 4 totems shamans were capable of dropping it meant you wasted 8 seconds to do so. 8 seconds for that rogue who has already half healthed you to take the other half off. So It’s interesting to note that they are toying the idea of making all 4 totems drop at once. He says it’s a buff and yeah, I agree. That would be a big time game changer. How they manage to pull that off is going to be tuff. Maybe a 3.5 second cast, talented? They we’ll face a interupptable challenge. Someone shocks me and then I cant cast.

Totem stomping is also mentioned and man it’s pretty disheartening to have a hunter or warlock bash your totems in a second due to them having a macro for their pet. Oh Well. Whatever, pvp is just, as I mentioned, a mini game for low esteemed kids to feel self rightous about because in their own life they are just “normal” and now they one “upped” you or griefed you. I’ll never get that mentality. It’s sad in some ways to see blizzard cater to this crowd. But that’s the crowd that pays the bills. You have to. Anyways, check it out. It’s a great read.



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The Last Guardian – Screenshots!

Kotaku posted up some Last Guardian screenshots for the PS3. I’m so lookin forward to this, it ain’t even funny. The guys at Team Ico really know how to convey emotion, the creature looks like he’s been through it man, the poor fella’s got arrows stickin out of him 😦  Make sure you check out the screenies.

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