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World of Warcraft Class Review : Shaman

Pulled from blizzard’s website they have announced the first class review for Shamans with Greg Street. known as ghostcrawler on the forums. This is the first in a series of Class Q+A’s for World of Warcraft. Man, this is one heck of a interview to me as I played a shaman Heavily. Although one can say I played everything heavily. 🙂 Anyways. It’s these little things that make me appreciate blizzard for what they do. Although I do believe it fuels the fire for kid’s to complain. Something akin to ” SEE THE DEVS KNOW ITS A PROBLEM THAT IS WHY I’M NOT THE BEST EVAR”. The shaman is an interesting jumping off point because they’re considered a hybird although you can go “purely” down one talent tree and focus on that. Elemental for caster Damage, Enhancement for Melee and Restoration for Healing. I’ve tried all three and failed miserably at all three. Kidding. The class is also has been historically the least played one but most valued. I found my shaman to be as easy as the rest of the classes to level, if not easier due to all the buffs I could give myself for totems. Out of mana? Drop Manaspring, go to the bathroom, and I’m full. Bewm.

They do focus on a lot of PVP questions and that cannot be “balanced” in my humble opinion. There are so many X factors. What it’s doing is changing the normal part of the game and I’ll give one example: ‘too much burst damage’ , they mention the shamans “kill the wounded guy” role and that’s because they can do a quick set of spells together as either damage spec to take about 1/3 health off of you. Hence the kill the wounded guy mentality. The biggest problem is that to drop all 4 totems shamans were capable of dropping it meant you wasted 8 seconds to do so. 8 seconds for that rogue who has already half healthed you to take the other half off. So It’s interesting to note that they are toying the idea of making all 4 totems drop at once. He says it’s a buff and yeah, I agree. That would be a big time game changer. How they manage to pull that off is going to be tuff. Maybe a 3.5 second cast, talented? They we’ll face a interupptable challenge. Someone shocks me and then I cant cast.

Totem stomping is also mentioned and man it’s pretty disheartening to have a hunter or warlock bash your totems in a second due to them having a macro for their pet. Oh Well. Whatever, pvp is just, as I mentioned, a mini game for low esteemed kids to feel self rightous about because in their own life they are just “normal” and now they one “upped” you or griefed you. I’ll never get that mentality. It’s sad in some ways to see blizzard cater to this crowd. But that’s the crowd that pays the bills. You have to. Anyways, check it out. It’s a great read.



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