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Star Wars The Old Republic reveals Smuggler Class

Hahn solo fanbois, look out. A new guy’s in town. Bioware released a little bit of information along with videos and screen shots. Their combat tatics are listed below! SO, I’ll make the wow comparison leap. A rogue with engineering. Could be cool! Blow stuff up with blasters. pew pew pew pew. I’m already dreaming.

Combat Tactics
“The Smuggler’s approach to fighting is guileful and improvisational. Preferring to tip the odds in their favor from the start, Smugglers often rely on the element of surprise, using stealth and trickery to catch opponents off guard. Despite the sly tactics, they are more than capable of holding their own in a fair fight. Fast on the draw and a crack shot with a blaster, Smugglers tend to shoot first and be the last ones standing.”


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For kicks, GBU for my new PS3(in comparison to my old one)

A’ight, I promised to keep you guys updated on where I stand in PS3 land. A friend put it quite simply to me, “I don’t see getting a new PS3 as a waste of money, you use it for like everything Rich”. Which was true and sold me, I was planning on a xbox360 elite system, but that’ll have to wait since I can still play 360 games, with PS3, it’s the blu-ray that was killing me, I haven’t bought regular dvds in over 2yrs, I’m all hi-def baby! And with over 100 blu-rays, what can I say? I had the original 60gig model that came out, now I have the current 80gig model.

The Good – This newer revision is much lighter, like half the weight of the original machine. I almost flung it outta the box since I was expecting to pick up something heavy. Doesn’t run as hot as the old machine, the old machine wasn’t any crazier than a PC, but this new one runs cooler. Quieter, when the old one got hot, fans kicked in full speed, not as bad as 360 noise, but still noticable, after being on for 8hrs downloading my previously purchased games off PSN, comfortable sound levels with the new one. Comes with the Dual Shock 3 controller, where the other one came with the regular Sixaxis that didn’t have rumble(due to legal reasons)….not a deal breaker, but I like my rumble. Hard drive is slightly easier to change out.

The Bad – Umm, hello? PS2 backwards compatibility?!? Why’d you take it out?!? The old machine had it and upscaled the games to 1080p. Come on Sony, sure I bought the PS3 for PS3 games, but it’s nice not having to hook up another machine when I wanna fire up a classic, plus you guys pushed the whole BC thing in the beginning, “oh you can play your entire playstation library blah blah blah.” Only 2 USB ports instead of 4, sure 90% of the time I don’t need more than 2, it’s nice having that flexibility though…and what if you got all the old Rock Band peripherals and stuff, where everything is wired? Kinda sux. It was nice having memory stick/sd/etc slots on the front of the machine, not necessary, but cool if I wanted to go back and forth from a memory stick directly to my PSP, or a digital camera.

The UglyThe reason why I’m here in the 1st place(wish I had that extended warranty like I have now). Sure it’s nice that the PS3 failure rate is low enough that people online can’t really figure out what my problem was….but damn, it was an ugly night when it happened.

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