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Windows 7 Review

I’m going to give a bit of my background to give a bit of weight to my review. I am a lifelong windows fan and an old school pc fps gamer. So I’ve water-cooled, I’ve over-clocked, and I even put a computer in a mini-fridge. My job is to take care of computers, hardware, software, and everything in between. I’ve been using the beta version of windows 7 for some time now, and I would like to share some things with everyone.

First things first when you install windows 7 it’s very simple to install. XP and Vista were both clunky as installs and very time intensive. 7 installs in about half the time of Vista and its pretty darn simplistic to install. The first thing you see of Windows 7 is the fact that it runs a lot leaner than windows Vista. Its usage of computer resources is miniscule compared to vistas resource hogging ways.

Next thing to notice is the Gui looks almost exactly like Vista. Although the desktop is a tiny bit different. The taskbar is different in looks but almost tries too hard to be a one stop shopping for all your computer needs. This makes the taskbar a bit cluttered and too busy for my tastes. Two new features called aero snap and aero peek allow you to manipulate the desktop and surrounding windows with much more ease. Aero Snap allows you to snap a window to minimize it quickly my dragging it to the top or bottom of your screen. Aero peek allows you to peek at your desktop without minimizing all your windows, and while this is fun I rarely use it.

My favorite part of windows 7 is the ability to personalize your windows to your own taste instead of having to download scripts and programs to change things. The desktop will even rotate on a timely basis. All of this makes for a fully customizable windows experience.

Last but not Least Windows 7 is a scaled down striped out version of Vista and XP. No more dial up services and MSNBC trial versions, and AOL 100 free hour things. It’s just the bare-bones windows needed programs and necessary registry additions, for the most part.


Now just as a figment of my tin foil soaked imagination, does anyone remember the launch of ME. The ill fated bastard child of 98 and NT with an updated interface and file system.  For some reason I feel as if M$ is launching Vista with 7 up their sleeves in order to fool us into purchasing their OS systems twice. Only this time moving from the old to the new won’t be such a problem with consumers, hungry for something reliable.

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GBU Review for Tomb Raider : Legend

Ahh Lara back again I see.  I used to dread the release of another new Tomb Raider.  I knew how it would go, the game would be thrown together in a month or two the graphics would be chunky and pixely and Lara’s boobs would be HUGE.  And that was the extent of the game.  The guns started to play too big of a role and the puzzles were more of an inconvenience and a hindrance to the game play.  Soon it was like watching Breaking Bonaduce.  Danny Bonaduce, such a HUGE kid star who had it all in the palm of his hand. Poor Danny goes on to drugs, violence, and reality TV.  My personal favorite was the show where he admitted to being a big pill hound.  Apparently he “took enough pills to get full.”

Well everyone gets second chances.  Now Danny Bonaduce is in Philadelphia on the radio, and Lara has her Legend status back.  Crystal Dynamics has given birth to a new sleek and stylish Lara. 


GOOD :  Graphics in this game are a definite improvement over the several other iterations of Lara’s adventures.  The buckles on Lara’s backpack and belt are surprisingly crisp…uhm not that I was staring at her belt.  Anyway the clothing and hair movement is more realistic and the surrounding backdrops are simply breathtaking.   Lara’s repertoire of parkour and acrobatic moves has increased from jump and skip to just about anything you can think of.   Your character’s movement is more fluid and lifelike instead of stick figurish, and it lends a whole new dynamic to the game.  The 3d angle camera is not so bad in this game as it is constantly over Lara’s shoulder instead of moving around or even worse stationary to the surrounding instead of planted to the character.

BAD : Huge Tomb Raider fans(like me) will more than likely notice the huge gaping inconsistencies in the storyline with regards to past games.  Lara’s parents, the relationship with her father, and the run in with Natla.  Hopefully Crystal Dynamics is the lasting word on the Tomb Raider Canon.  I would love to see the Tomb Raider history finally once and for all be cemented in by one solid company who can realistically take the story and do something incredible with it.  As for now the history and not the story is the bad thing about this game. 

UGLY:  The freaking game took me 9 hours to beat in the span of a weekend.  Although I guess having a short run at an amazing game is better than a crappy game that is extremely long.  Other than that nothing to complain about.

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World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Commercial

Ok ok. So this is not gaming per se but, I find this funny. Many wow has just blown up on such a epic scale. The commerical features two girls, one of which turns into a MALE ORC? Ouch. Yeah, I was a pre-op orc in the wow commercial and had surgery IN LINE. Was that going too far in graphic detail? The Night elf totally ends up totally getting the last jab in before the commerical ends with a lazor beam from her staff. That’s not really in game but, lazor beams and night elfs mean MOONKINS. YAY druids.

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Super Keyboard Cat Bros.!

Since we’re fans of  ‘play him off the keyboard cat’, I thought you guys might like this creative crossover that I came across on Kotaku. This little guy is quickly replacing the ol ‘pointing the finger and laughing at somebody when they fail’ for me, enjoy 🙂

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New PS3 Greatest Hits

Sony Playstation announced the new sets of greatest hits for their line of games. They are priced at $29.99 New. What has me excited is Ratchet and Clank being on this list. I enjoy the demo I downloaded and am excited about playing the full version of this game. Here’s the full list.

Army of Two, Electronic Arts
Battlefield: Bad Company, Electronic Arts
Devil May Cry 4, Capcom
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Sony Computer Entertainment America
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Konami
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Sony Computer Entertainment America

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Project Natal with new Xbox360? Not Bloody Likely!

Gaming news has a tendency of being a bit slow over the weekends(wait, they gotta relax too?).  But that didn’t stop 1up from reporting on a mini whopper of a rumor, that when Project Natal ships, it’ll be the equivalent of a new console launch for Microsoft, shipping with a slightly updated version of the Xbox360. Updated in that games may run in higher resolutions, better framerates, etc, of course those games would have to be programmed to take advantage of the new hardware. Well Microsoft debunked the rumor, I guess. They say Project Natal will work on all 360’s(durr). Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t package the two together and push it as another relaunch of the 360. I say another because when they came out with the NXE(New Xbox Experience) last year, they very much branded it as a relaunch, touting how it was the 1st time that hardware has been refreshed with new software(don’t you just love corporate hype?). I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a slim 360 sometime in the future, hey, how bout when Natal launches *sarcasm* :-p

No new Xbox for you!!

No new Xbox for you!!

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