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Project Natal with new Xbox360? Not Bloody Likely!

Gaming news has a tendency of being a bit slow over the weekends(wait, they gotta relax too?).  But that didn’t stop 1up from reporting on a mini whopper of a rumor, that when Project Natal ships, it’ll be the equivalent of a new console launch for Microsoft, shipping with a slightly updated version of the Xbox360. Updated in that games may run in higher resolutions, better framerates, etc, of course those games would have to be programmed to take advantage of the new hardware. Well Microsoft debunked the rumor, I guess. They say Project Natal will work on all 360’s(durr). Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t package the two together and push it as another relaunch of the 360. I say another because when they came out with the NXE(New Xbox Experience) last year, they very much branded it as a relaunch, touting how it was the 1st time that hardware has been refreshed with new software(don’t you just love corporate hype?). I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a slim 360 sometime in the future, hey, how bout when Natal launches *sarcasm* :-p

No new Xbox for you!!

No new Xbox for you!!

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