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That new Xbox360? Bloody Likely After All!*sigh*[Update]grrr

Mad props to Kotaku, always quick to report on the movers and shakers in the industry….turns out that rumored new 360 revision(that comes with Natal), is happening after all. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, spoke at the Executive’s Club of Chicago today(whatever that is,rich people alert!), and confirmed it. No straight up details yet.You guys know we’ll be all over it once the deets are out.


So now Microsoft is saying there will be no new console…..well duh! I think it’s pretty safe to say that when Project Natal launches, it’s going to be a 360 device/peripheral/whateveryawannacallit. But chances are they’re gonna push them together as a package as well, whether the 360 gets updated hardware specs, it’ll still be a 360 platform. A’ight, this back and forth is really annoying, so I won’t be reporting on this again till they have something interesting to say about it.

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New World of Warcraft Raid “Crusaders’ Coliseum”

Blizzard released the details on the new Raid and Dungeon for World of Warcraft. This appears to be more stuff released for the Argent Crusade, which is the duh of the year, so…IM JUST SAYIN. This new tribute thing is sure to cause much guild drama. I can just sense it. I almost want to recreate my account just to witness this event, the guild drama, it’s sure to be almost as epic as the story of the girl who dated a guy in game who turned out to be a girl and in fact her room-mate. (!!!)

In the next major content patch, the construction of the Crusaders’ Coliseum on the Argent Tournament grounds will be complete, and it will hold new challenges for players. We’d like to share some details on the new dungeon, which represents the next tier of content for the game, but keep in mind that this is still in development and subject to change. The Crusaders’ Coliseum will include:

* New epic 10- and 25-player raid dungeon with five encounters, with each encounter being unlocked one week at a time
* A more intuitive structure for harder encounters. This raid dungeon will have four different versions: 10-player, 25-player, 10-player Heroic, and 25-player Heroic, with each one using a separate lockout.
* Introduction of the Crusaders’ Tribute! Each of the Heroic mode instances has a new tribute system that will limit players on the number of attempts they get in the Coliseum each week to present a greater challenge for the most battle-hardened heroes. Additional rewards can be earned depending on the number of attempts left in the tribute run each week when the final boss is defeated.
* New 5-player dungeon with three encounters that will include Champion’s Seals as each one is defeated
* New tier of armor and weapons that are modeled with Alliance- or Horde-specific themes

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AMD and Nvidia next gen Graphics Cards

It’s that time of year again folks. Our friendly friends over at amd and nvidia are primed to release their next line of Graphics Cards. There’s an article over at Venture beat that has a nice bit of back and forth between the companies. Surprisingly little is over at their own sites about the next gen other than a small article about the switch to Windows 7. There’s a paragraph that tickles my fancy….

Windows 7 will also have features such as touch-screen control and a new graphics standard, DirectX 11. That latter is important because it delivers new graphics features that leading-edge consumers are likely to want. One feature is GPU Compute, which uses a graphics chip to perform non-graphics applications such as converting video from one format to another

The touch screen feature of Windows 7, will be cool, but what gets me is the ability to have your Video card to assist in performing non-graphics applications with a specific statement of converting video. I’m not a bleeding edge person although I do consider myself on the higher end of people with encoding, as that is known, experience. But, isen’t all this application side? Not hardware done? I can only guess that they’re thinking of real-time encoding? I’m not exactly sure. According to the article this will also be an available function for the new Mac OS, Snow Leopard.

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GBU for “The Darkness” (Xbox360,PS3)

I was thinking about how I still need to play through the 360 version of Chronicles of Riddick, not enough time these days, so soon hopefully. Then it made me think of the last game I played from the developers of Riddick, Starbreeze Studios, a lil number called The Darkness. This came out almost exactly 2yrs ago, I played it on the 360.

The Good – Compelling first-person shooter/adventure in which you play a mobster on his 21st birthday who just happens to have a hit put out on him from his boss. At the same time something evil known as The Darkness awakens in you which adds an interesting twist to it’s standard first-person shooting gameplay, the ability to combine the shooting with supernatural powers such as tentacles to thrash your enemies and a group of little demons who help to do your bidding. Powers and abilities upgrade as you move along the storyline. The graphics, sound/music, story, voice acting all combine in creating an atmosphere that I can best describe as The Sopranos meets Tales from the Crypt, weird, but it’s interesting. The adventure portion has you strolling parts of New York, riding the subways, meeting with your girlfriend and family, running errands and more with an open world feel. It all helps to flesh out the characters and story, even makes you care about some characters. Some levels take place in what seems to be hell, helps to keep things fresh.

The Bad – It doesn’t take long for the open world portions to feel restrictive, since they are. Some objectives aren’t explained well, so you can keep wandering the streets and subways wondering just what the heck do you have to do. While everything visually happens in-game such as cut-scenes, your character is shown combining powers in bad ass ways to destroy his enemies, you just can’t do them yourself. You have to stick to the dark for your powers and such to regenerate, while it makes sense in the narrative, it can be frustrating gameplay-wise at times. Multiplayer portion is mediocre, the development time on that would’ve been better spent on improving flaws in the single player campaign.

The Ugly – Having your character devouring enemies hearts to improve his powers, nasty!

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