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New Xbox 360 Buyers Guide

So you just got a new xbox 360 and you’re not staring at the wall wondering what in the world to purchase. Maybe the 59.99 new game price tag is scaring you, maybe you don’t want to pay MORE on top of the new system you just bought, maybe you have to run or you are ok with spending money for what’s considered to be the best games. Well here’s a little guide towards purchasing games for the new xbox 360 owner. I’m going to post this with the thought that my partner in crime will add something in the comments! 🙂

Away we go.

1. Gears of War Exclusive to XboxFirst person shooter, Mature Language. This is the game that really kicked off the xbox 360 craze in my book. This game is to the 360 what Halo was to the original Xbox. I read a stat that nearly all of the new consoles in the year this game out were bought with a copy of Gears of War. It’s a Third person with a switch to First person shooter set in a post apocolyptic world. You kill aliens while cursing, yelling and taking a heck of a lot of cover. The graphics are gorgeous. It’s also a moderate length game. Only the most extreme gamers will finish this in one setting though. You’re looking at 12 or so hours. The best part is that there is a good amount of replay value due to the harder settings. See Also Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and Call of Duty.Price 19.99 used.

2. Lego Star WarsNot Exclusive to any system – RPG-light action. Family oriented. This is a wonderful game for the non shooter/blood types. Maybe you want to jump from your nintendo days into something a little more. This game is a two button game solving puzzles and jumping over spaces on your own or with a teammate. Sound familiar? The story is easy to digest and very light humor that will leave you giggling in parts. You can easily put in 80-100 hours. About 8x the normal game.You can also subsiute Lego Star Wars with Indiana jones, batman, or the new Lego Harry Potter (no release date). The Lego Star Wars one is considered to be the best of the 3 due to the following of a well known story. Price 17.99

3. Grand Theft Auto 4 – Non-exclusive to any system – Heavy Violence,Graphic Language,Sexual Content. If you loved any gta game before this, this game will drive you wild with excitement. I think our kid is still giggling over this game and it’s been a year since release. There is a MASSIVE world to run around in. You’ll do any number of jobs within the city. The radio stations are as varied as they are epic in it’s quality. The cutscenes are no joke. The violence is over the top so this is not geared towards the faint of heart. Price 39.99

4. Fallout 3 Core gameplay not exclusive to any system but DLC is exclusive for a time. Heavy Violence. We constantly talk up this game on the podcast. So much so we devoted an entire one to it. It’s extremely easy to pick up for the uninitiated gamer though it make take a hour or two to get “into” the game. It starts off slow but when it picks up, it’s an EXPLOSION. There is enormous amounts of game-play in either 3rd person or 1st person and you’re not exclusivly set to either setting. There are multiple updates for the game that cost 10$ more that add more content into the game. You can specialize your character to have abilities and weapons that make you unique in your own way. I’ve talked to multiple people on how they play the game and everyone says something different. See also : Obvilion (fantasy version) and Mass Effect. Price 54.99

5. Fable 2Exclusive to xbox360 – Mature theme’s, Action-adventure. This is a “role playing game” of sorts. To me this game is a almost 100. With the only exception being lack of clothing you are given. It’s THAT close to being perfect for me. The game-play can be challenging at times but 90% of your game-play is playing part of a wonder full fantasy story line. You are given vast expanses of land, though not as large as other games, to explore. You’re given a dog that does commands like fetch a ball or play dead….And you’re given a dog. Which is so awesome it’s worth mentioning twice. Casting spells is easy, maybe too easy, you just press and hold a button but still fun. You can make your spells stronger through leveling up screens and nearly every choice you make has a outcome on your story. It’s WoW without the addiction. There is DLC for this game but not to the extent of Fallout 3. Price 39.99 used

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  1. DUDE

    multiplayer madness. If you have a 360 and your not on live its like owning a computer and not using the internet.

    Do yourself a favor grab a 50 dollar live card and spend a few bucks on

    Left4Dead: One of my favorite zombie FPS titles. A bit of a twist to it when you play through the single player.

    Halo 1: probably get it on sale for a few bucks because anyone who has a 360 has to start somewhere.

    Call of Duty World at War : great game for multiplayer and as with all COD titles the single player is a flawless victory

    Dead Rising: Stuck in a mall surrounded by zombies. I fell in love.

    ChromeHounds: MechInfantry of the old gaurd Wolf Clan can’t be beat. Get a few friends and build up a clan. Every mechwarrior geek dreams come true.

    thats it for now folks.

    Comment by atomiczombie79 | June 22, 2009

  2. Agreed,and Gears of War does have multiplayer still around. Halo 3 as well. You can also team up with people and run through the game. Rich and I did that on Gears and you and I did that on gears 2 and halo 1 and 2. 🙂 Lego Star wars is a multiplayer at home that I found a wonderful experience. Fable 2 does ahave multi-player but it’s not that great. That all said, xboxlive does have a reputation and I am not one to advocate the xbox live audience to anyone who doesn’t have the thickest of skin.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | June 22, 2009

  3. Man, this is a pretty tight way of starting off with the 360. One thing that the platform is known for is it’s awesome 1st person shooters, so I’d recommend the Call of Duty games(as atomiczombie said), Bioshock, The Orange Box, and Halo 3….most of which can probably be had on the cheap too. Some more cheapies that are alot of fun, Burnout Paradise, Viva Pinata, Oblivion, Saint’s Row 2. Don’t forget about Xbox Live Arcade, bite size gaming if you’re on the run, and they all have demos too. Geometry Wars 2, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and Street Fighter II HD Remix are just some of the quality stuff that’s on there.

    Comment by richieraw | June 25, 2009

  4. Agreed. All known to be very good games. Cant go wrong, well you know how I be trippin on orange box. But many love it.

    Comment by lurkerbelow | June 25, 2009

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