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Fake Obama Car ads proves everything is for sale

While peruzzing one of my favorite local gossip blogs they posted on something I totally want to spit on. CNN also caught wind of this. So…Y’know Every good idea has a bad side. Every right decision can have equally as bad of a outcome. So can you imagine the meeting where these two car dealerships that rip off President Obama’s well known slogans and events as sales pitches? The sales team shrugs, “sure boss. Good idea.That will really help with sales.” I bet this will get as worn out as the term “economic downturn” and “hard times”. I don’t doubt that if you’re in the Car selling business for a period of more than a few years a certain amount of sleeze comes naturally to you. And there are some pretty awful ads by Car dealership but these are pretty epic.

and another creepy one..

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Tier 9 item sets

Mmo champion has reported that Tier 9 items will have different models for each faction. Alliance and Horde. He goes on to explain with an example that I’ll dumb down. Paladins have three different talent trees, one for healing, one for tanking and one for just damage. And one for each level. Remember blizzard implimented more mini tiered raiding in Wotlk? Well that means that there are now 18 sets for Paladins.

One would think that it’s different recolorings. So that Horde get Red and alliance get blue themed items. And I’m OK with that, I didn’t like everyone looks exactly the same in game at higher levels. Cool yeah? It’s the little things y’all. For that vast amount of people that don’t raid, and I’m sure it’s well over 1/2, this news is whatever.

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EA Sports NHL 10 Cover announced.

Madden Be Damned, it seems the curse doesn’t really strech to my beloved sport hockey. That said, There’s no Alex Ovetchkin on this cover, winner of a 2nd hart trophy. (SCREW YOU MALKIN YA HOSER!). Patrick Kane, step on up. Still burning a little over the flyers not getting the #1. Although, I dont think the flyers would have taken a winger with the first pick. We had (sorry scottie upshall). James van Riemsdyk, you better be AMAZING buddy!504x_eacover_nhl10

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