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Fake Obama Car ads proves everything is for sale

While peruzzing one of my favorite local gossip blogs they posted on something I totally want to spit on. CNN also caught wind of this. So…Y’know Every good idea has a bad side. Every right decision can have equally as bad of a outcome. So can you imagine the meeting where these two car dealerships that rip off President Obama’s well known slogans and events as sales pitches? The sales team shrugs, “sure boss. Good idea.That will really help with sales.” I bet this will get as worn out as the term “economic downturn” and “hard times”. I don’t doubt that if you’re in the Car selling business for a period of more than a few years a certain amount of sleeze comes naturally to you. And there are some pretty awful ads by Car dealership but these are pretty epic.

and another creepy one..

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