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Friday Night Horror Corner- The Bunker

As I sit here writing my review I’m several beers into an unemployed Friday night.  So the last few days I have been overloading my brain with internet job searches, video games, and spending copious amounts of time with my daughter.  As any one of you might guess I’ve also been pulling out the old DVD’s and watching a few horror movies.   Tonight I’ve saved the best for a drunken Friday night with friends.  The Bunker,  a movie about a squad of Nazi soldiers pushed back to a bunker in the middle of nowhere.  A time honored plot line of a building being built over unholy ground a la poltergeist  1 – a million.  The soldiers are holed up in a bunker versus an imaginary American force surrounding them.  As the soldiers succumb to various hallucinations and increasing paranoia things start to go wrong when one of them decides to go to the underground tunnels to find a way out.  Of course the “Americans” get into the tunnels and start to kill them off one by one.  Well as you might suspect things go seriously downhill when the flashbacks and hallucinations begin causing people to lose their minds.  Serious bouts of anger and delirium are whittling away at the morale of the group.   Because I don’t want you to hate me for spoiling the movie, people die and the movie ends.  So to wrap this up before I black out or the thunderstorm were having kills my internet, this is another Nazi suspense wartime movie.  I will be shifting next week to zombie movies and really getting into the down and dirty.  So for now Dream Machines this is atomiczombie tuning in and tuning out.


Keep your baseball bats and machetes ready for next week.  We might have a nice heated discussion about the perfect zombie weapons and how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

June 26, 2009 - Posted by | The Horror Corner

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