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GBU game review for Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction

Good: The weapons. In no other series will you find as entertaining of weapons as you do in Ratchet. Well..I’m kidding. I’m sure our wonder-kid would love to correct me about some game released in 1985 that did it before. Blowing up things has never been so much fun. Your weapons upgrade with more use, and also can be tricked out to do more damage. Though anyone whose played this franchise I’m sure will be aware of these already. The game is what’s called “old school” though, is 15 years ago really that old school? Are we just that old? It’s a game that’s more focused on fun than beating other people up and full-filling your childhood urge to beat up the playground bully that you never got to by beating someone in a online format. I’ll just put it that way. I like the bitter this morning. Put extra in it in my coffee this morning.
The story line is fun, and even at times entertaining. It wont be winning awards like Star Wars Force Unleashed but it’s fun.

Bad: The sixaxis controls are either good. or annoying. You’ll have to open a door so up will pop this little electrical board. Or that’s what I call it. You’ll have to juggle this little ball as the electrical current. It can get frustrating the 10th time you do it. Keep it at 5.

Ugly: The cutscenes after you fly in on your jet. You see the same scene twice. With a woosh. Then as ratchet gets to the planet the music just stops. Silence. Then he lands. woosh again. Then he jumps out. It’s all so oddly cropped.

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