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Friday Night Horror Corner

Tonight I decided to do an old movie.  A movie also discussed on the 18th Podcast.  A movie called Wickerman.  So sit back and enjoy the review Dreammachines.


Wickerman directed by Robin Hardy came out in 1973 starring Christopher Lee and a few other names.  But I’m no name dropper plus I don’t think anyone would recognize the other people in this movie.  The plot of this movie revolves around a police detective traveling to a small island to investigate a series of suspicious murders.  I’m sure you can imagine what happens next on this small island.  The plot line is notoriously thin but the atmosphere of the movie is fairly well developed for such a small budget film.  This low budget film seems to embody the heart and soul of what similar low budget films of today have lost, the ability to rivet the audience no matter the cost of production.  In my opinion  low budget films today have lost the ability to pull the audience in to tell the story correctly. 

Wickerman has all the frights and spooks to keep you going through the movie but don’t expect it to scare your socks off.  The story should be enough to keep you entertained and hopefully give you a real dose of authentic storytelling.  As for nightmares I would expect you to have an uneasy night but nothing to bad, probably just the dream where your naked in high school again.  Well, well pizza got here early.  Looks like a cold beer and a hot slice await me.  Also a nice scary movie with some friends and a couple of drunken laughs should be good times.   Till next Friday, Don’t screw with Jason’s weed man just don’t do it.

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GBU game review – Resident Evil 5

From Wikipedia
From Wikipedia

So I’ve been slacking a bit lately and lurker has been cracking the whip.  Ok so he’s been nicely asking me to throw up a GBU for a recent game I’ve played.  Best pseudo boss ever LOL.  So I’ve been playing Resident Evil 5 lately as a break from Prototype.  I’ve heard all the hype about this game being a first person race war shooter.  White guys against black guys.  Unfortunately the people who review these games at first glance don’t usually remember or care about the back story.  The progenitor virus which was the Umbrella Corporations big breakthrough in regeneration of dead cells started as a discovery in the heart of Africa, where as it so happens most of the people living there are indeed of African decent.  I just hate that people jump to the conclusion that it was a race related game when all they got to see was a demo that happened to have a  bunch of black zombies being killed by a white guy and a black girl.

So whatever let’s do a good bad ugly.

GOOD:  The game play is reminiscent of resident evil 4, game play and controls are basically what you are already used to.  The AI for your smoking hot helper who has a very nice accent is very advanced.   She can be set to cover you to be aggressive or to hold.  And bonus if you destroy the B.S.A.A emblems through the whole game she has a separate outfit that she wears SMOKIN!  Also the storyline to this one brings a lot of the series to a conclusion of sorts.  The ending which I won’t ruin is very surprising.

BAD: Ammo is scarce except on the easiest level forcing you to shoot a bad guy once and punch them for a finish, which to me isn’t as gratifying as shooting things.  However its nothing that isn’t expected.  All Resident Evil games have ammo spaced few and far between.  I still wish I could spray and pray instead of sniping with a pistol.

UGLY:  The Lickers come back.  I HATE LICKERS!  No really I hate the freaking Lickers.  Worst B.O.W.S ever made.

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