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Wuz good my peoples… you can tell by my post title, I pulled a NOOBER….dunno if that’s a real word, but you get the idea. So I’m sittin here on a saturday with nothin to do, so let’s get in some Fallout 3! I got the perk that marks everything on the map, so I decide to hit up some spots that I haven’t seen yet. I’m still in the Point Lookout area, havin a good time, got about 4hrs in……go to leave a spot, and…….FREEZE….reload, FREEZE. Oh but my other saves work just fine, my autosave is jacked….problem is, my previous save is from 4 hrs before. Now I really should’ve known better, I think I was in a careless state since I was just doing side junk. Kids, don’t get careless, remember back in high school, they taught us to save our work every 15mins on computers, I say in big open world, exploring style games like this, save at least every 45mins. Now excuse me while I go jump off a building…..ok, that was a little excessive, I think I’ll drown my sorrows in some beer instead.

My autosave file is where his head used to be!

My 'autosave' file is where his head used to be!

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