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Zelda Maps

I came across a site today, The hylia after seeing a post about the FPS version of Zelda someone made. Here’s the video, it’s kind of funny to watch.

But what perked my interest was that this zelda fan site was mentioned. It’s quite a cute site. I’ve been really into the series for a long time despite not really liking the Twilight Princess probably as much as I should have. But, anyways, the older games were fun to a younger me. So I’ve been peruzzing through their media sections of the various games. The things that interested me so much back in the day were the above view maps. In the old nintendo power magazines they’d add these to the magazines as cut-outs. I loved them. I’d be playing with the map all folded out on the floor, eyes darting back and forth between it and the television. It fascinated me so much all this land in the game I hadn’t seen but could play through (hence part of the wow addiction). Anyways here’s a map of the Super Nintendo Release “A link to the Past”.

The 2nd Nintendo release, “The Adventure of Link”.

And one of Ocarina of Time which was released on the 64.

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GTA IV:The Ballad of Gay Tony, dated for Oct. 29th

Rockstar Games announced today that we’ll see the latest GTA IV dlc on Xbox360, “The Ballad of Gay Tony”, dropping on October 29th. We’ll also be getting “The Lost and the Damned” bundled with “The Ballad of Gay Tony” on disc without the need to have the GTA IV disc to play. They’re calling it “Grand Theft Auto:Episodes From Liberty City”.  According to Joystiq, the download will be coming in at 1600 microsoft points, or 20$ to us humans, and $39.99 for the disc compilation. The GTA freak in me is getting hyped…

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