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State California selling a Xbox360? Wha???

In one of oddest stories of the..year? It was announced today that in an attempt for the State of California to pay off some of it’s debt that it will be selling certain items. Amongst the various things…”600 state-owned vehicles and thousands of pieces of office furniture, computers, electronics, jewelry, pianos, even a surf board, a food saver and a Xbox 360. Ahhhnold will even be selling 15 autographed visors (lol what?). If this isent a sign of the times, i really don’t know what can be.

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Friday night Horror Corner

So tonight I would like to introduce you to my nightmare.  As if flying wasnt horrible enough, Samuel L Jackson got tired of snakes being on his plane so he booted them off hardcore SLJ style.  He put the wrath of god up in some snakes.  Unfortunately the passanger manifest from a flight from LA to Paris did not include uncle Sam.  Woe to the passangers of this ill fated flight who must now battle infected scientists and military gaurds. 

Flight of the Living Dead AKA Plane Dead


The movie was campy and slightly over the top but it came out months after snakes on a plane which makes me think someone saw the movie and thought.  Hey lets do it with zombies.  I mean come on people where is the originality and ingenuity anymore.  The movie was every other zombie movie ever made it was just a different environment.  It had nothing that was suprising or original and it was truthfully boring.  usually I get some kick out of the really bad or really low budget zombie films but this one was just horrid.  Now maybe it was my anger at being forced to watch snakes on a plane (because I WILL watch anything with Samuel L Jackson in it), but this film was pretty bad.  I think it was the air of importance that this film had about itself that angered me.  Who knows, all I know is this is NOT a Romero level film, don’t be suprised by the film being subpar.

I’m not even going to go any further with this debacle.

If you watch this movie take a bottle of your favorite liqour along for the ride.


next week a disertation on the history and social impact of important zombies and their rise to power among the film world.

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Rock Band New Releases

Color Me excited but hot damn. A new Oasis song AND two jam songs? Wild!!!! Here’s the list of new Rock Band Tracks for next week!

Avenged Sevenfold – “Bat Country”
The Jam – “A Town Called Malice”
The Jam – “Going Underground”
Oasis – “Supersonic” (Live)
Rage Against the Machine – “Guerilla Radio”
Talking Heads – “And She Was”
Talking Heads – “Crosseyed & Painless”
Talking Heads – “Girlfriend is Better”
Talking Heads – “Once in a Lifetime”
Talking Heads – “Take Me to the River”re’s the

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25th Podcast!

Mr Zombie comes over for a special game night amongst the boys. We play house of the dead over kill, tecmo bowl, and monster trucks. We also discuss the ps3 price drop, used vs new games and some world of warcraft. Join us for our best podcast yet check out the 25th_podcast

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Cribs : Thrall

Oh man, I’m dieing. This is just cracking me up. This is obviously a take on the TV show Cribs but World of Warcraft Style. Thrall’s crib.

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Goblin and Worgen Gameplay

Ahh..I’ve found some horrrible video this point it’s the best we’ll get of Goblin and Worgen gameplay.


worgen – awe this link died. Let me find another.

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Diablo 3, Monk Gameplay

Ah, the weekend that blizzard took over the gameing world’s top news stories is officially over. And what a wonderful weekend it was! There’s lots of stuff out there for Star Craft, and people focusing on LAN party problems, Diablo’s new game-play footage, (just the monk, really?) and of course the huge gorilla in the corner. World of Warcraft Cataclysm. It doesn’t take a genius to find gameplay footage but, we’ll link it here anyways! 🙂

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GBU game review for Shadow Complex (Xbox360)

What’s this? Two reviews back to back? Gots to make up for last week peeps, and while downloadable games are usually the ‘bite size’ type, this one is as long as any retail game, longer if you decide to dig deeper. I’m talkin Shadow Complex, another title off the Xbox Live Arcade, it’s goes for 1200 points AKA 15 dollaz….and I’m just gonna put it on front street here, this game sucked up most of my weekend, so a 9.5/10 for me as I had an incredible time with it.

The Good – More ol skool channeling happening, in the spirit of a Metroid/Castlevania. It’s a side scrolling action platformer(also with up and down scrolling)…in a nutshell, lots of shooting, lots of jumping, lots of searching for goodies. The graphics take on Unreal Engine 3 to do it’s dirty work, so we got silky smooth animation and a nice 3D sheen goin on. Good voice acting, some may recognize the star’s voice as the guy from Uncharted and the latest Prince of Persia, the dude just comes off as a likable hero. The gameplay is easy to pick up and is tight and responsive, as long as your timing is on point, your guy will pull off everything you want him to. Shooting is a ton of fun, headshots make your enemies fly back in a satisfying way that doesn’t get old. Going in to some rooms, you have options on how to handle situations, such as sneaking in and dropping explosives, or just guns/grenades blazing, this adds tons of depth to the battle system. The real hook for me here is how the game doles out upgrades and abilities, it’s simply addicting and fun. You start the game as a camper with a flashlight and by the end you are one bad-ass soldier with a super gun, grenades, missles, a hook, armor, etc. It’s a long game and well worth the money, I finished the campaign in about 7hrs, and decided to go back and find all the hidden upgrades for like another 5 hrs, I found it to be that fun.

The Bad – I think it’s pretty obvious that I love this game, so there’s not much I feel I can put here….but, since not every gamer is the same…Some may not like having to go to rooms multiple times to get things that were out of reach before. A ton of spots will be locked or just a too far jump away, it’s not till you start upgrading that you can go back and grab all the good stuff. Some items are a little too hidden, some crawl spaces suffer from that as well. Being a downloadable game, texture map quality of the graphics isn’t the best when the camera zooms in for cut-scenes.

The Ugly – How addicted to this game I got….seriously, when I finished the campaign, I said what the heck, let’s go back and try to get some more stuff…every time I found an upgrade, I just HAD to find one more.

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GBU game review for Splosion Man (Xbox360)

Here’s a title off the Xbox Live Arcade, I think it’s a lot of fun and well worth the Microsoft space bucks(800 points AKA 10 bux). On the Richie Raw scale I’m gonna go with an 8/10.

The Good – Here’s a title that channels the ol skool, as in it’s a side-scrolling platform game. You play as a science experiment gone wrong, your body is a constant burning cinder as you try to get through huge laboratory style levels. As Splosion Man, you have to jump and try to solve your way around platform puzzles, kinda like some of the old Sonic The Hedgehog levels, except it’s not jumping, you “splode” to send your character boosting from one spot to the next. There’s about 50 levels or so that will keep you busy, for the most part the levels are quick, lasting no more than a few minutes. Some are even thrilling in that you get thrown around at insane speeds wondering how the heck did you make it from point A to point B, others are just brain teasers, some are very timing based, all keep you on your toes. So yeah, some solid hand-eye cordination is gonna be a must. Nice, sharp, colorful graphics. The music is quirky and reminiscent of the old Looney Tunes shows, the game’s got humor in that style as well, sometimes making me laugh out loud. Once you get on a roll of beating levels, it feels quite satisfying.

The Bad – The difficulty level….for one, it’s uneven. It goes from a fun challenge, to unfair, pull your hair out type of hard, back to fun challenge again. Maybe my hand-eye coordination isn’t tight enough, but sometimes I feel the timing of some jumps don’t exactly match to when I press the button, it’s very frustrating at times.

The Ugly – If you die alot of times in a level, the game offers you the “Way Of The Coward” option, which instantly skips you to the next level…ugly? When you start that next level, your character is wearing a tutu.

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24th Podcast!

We discuss the Ps3 Pricecut,Tru-Blood, Fable 3, Blizzcon,The new Resident Evil movie,Rock Band,Elder Scrolls,New releases,and district 9! Join us for the 24th_Podcast!

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New “Heavy Rain” trailer from Gamescom ’09

Developed from the guys that brought us Indigo Prophecy (I LOVE, that game), comes their follow up, Heavy Rain. Exclusively for the PS3 and shipping sometime (hopefully) early next year, it looks more and more amazing everytime I see it.

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Halo 3 ODST Multiplayer *update*

As promised, I’m throwin up some more info on ODST’s multiplayer(now that we know more that is). Joystiq cleared the air, thanks to Bungie being at Gamescom this year. Here’s what the Bungie guys had to say “It’s all the multiplayer maps we released with Halo 3, then all of the DLC we’ve released since then, along with three new maps.” Halo 3 ODST will be 2 discs, the 1st being the single player campaign(holla), and the 2nd being the multiplayer component. Great idea if you ask me, I can’t wait, already got my copy on pre-order 🙂

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World of Warcraft Cataclym Trailer

The trailer for the new expansion for WOW is on youtube. here goes!

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Blizzcon 09

Listening to the WoW Panel.

Deathwing will be the New Big Boss
He’s the reason Azeroth is torn apart.
The elemental planes are loose, after having been locked up, are released. Ragnaros being one.
Worgen and Goblins are the new race.

Worgen: Alliance. Gilneas. warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, death knight, mage, warlock, druid.

Customizations: fur color, face model, hair (or mane if you prefer), hair color, and one customization option that doesn’t yet change anything. All colors are gray and blue tones, with dark, rainy, gothic scene in the background.

The Worgen were first unleashed upon the Eastern Kingdoms by Archmage Arugal during the Third War. Primarily used as a weapon against the Scourge, the beasts soon proved to be a burden greater than the humans of Lordaeron could bear. A mysterious curse began to spread among those who fought alongside the wolf-men, causing them to become worgen themselves. The curse rapidly spread as it reached Gilneas, trapping its inhabitants behind the very walls built to protect them. The survivors of the curse now seek to find a new fate for their people — their destiny unwritten.

Two Forms, instant, 1.5 sec cooldown, Turn into your currently inactive form.
Darkflight, instant, 3 min cooldown, activates your true form increasing movement speed by 70% for 10 sec
Viciousness, passive, increases all damage done by 1%.
Flayer, passive, skinning skill increased by 15 and allows you to skin faster.

Worgen starting zone begins with your character chained up and Royal Chemist Krennan Aranas promising to help find you a cure. “I’m not giving up on you, . I don’t have a cure for the Curse yet… but there are treatments. You’ll have control again.”

Classes available: warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, death knight, shaman, mage, warlock. Currently only male character models available.

Customizations: skin color (green tones), faces, hair, hair color, and one customization option that doesn’t yet change anything.

Originally the slaves of jungle trolls on the Isle of Kezan, the goblin race was forced to mine Kaja’mite ore out of the undermine, deep in the bowels of mount Kajaro. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, the mineral had magical properties that caused the goblins to rapidly increase in both cunning and intelligence. Tinkering their own powerful artifacts of engineering and alchemy in secret, the goblins overthrew their troll oppressors, taking over the island that they now call home. quickly rising to prominence as masters of mercantilism, goblins and their global trade conglomerates dominate all commerce across Azeroth.

Best Deals Anywhere, always receive the best possible gold discount, regardless of faction.
Better Living Through Chemistry, Alchemy skill increased by 15.
Pack Hobgoblin, Instant, 30 minute cooldown, Calls in your personal servant, allowing you bank access for 1 min.
Rocket Barrage, 30 yd range, Instant, 2 min cooldown, Launches your belt rockets at an enemy, dealing 30 fire damage.
Rocket Jump, instant, 2 min cooldown, activates your rocket belt to jump forward.
Time is Money, cash in on a 1% increase to attack and casting speed.

Barrens is split in two. Darkshore is flooded.
New zones: Uldum, Grim Batol, the Sunken City of Vashj’ir.
More raid content” than previous expansions
A new “Wintergrasp-like zone” called Tol Barad
Archaeology, the new secondary profession, lets you “unearth valuable artifacts and earn unique rewards”
The new starting zones will be heavily phased, and will be similar to the DK starting zones
Azshara is now a low-level Horde zone connected directly to Orgrimar
Azeroth will be changed whether you buy the expansion or not

New Battleground:
Battle for Gilneas is one
3 new total battlegrounds.
Tol Barad PVP Zone
Rated Battlegrounds

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Monk Class for Diablo 3

So, prior to blizzcon, it slipped into the Diablo 3 site, under korean, that the Monk Class will be the new Class for diablo 3. Here’s some small picture proof.

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A twitter? We have it!

Yes yes my pets. We are on Twitter. Well..I am. The master. and you know who the controller is. Anyways. Join me for my random rantings about everything we rant about!

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Guild Wars 2 Trailer

So, on the heels of blizzcon, guild wars released their own trailer. A dragon coming out of the sea. A little dicey considering the next xpac from blizzard will most likely contain …a dragon coming out of the sea…..

Anyways. Here goes!

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StarCraft 2 Old Rivals Trailer

Oh What the hell. This is amazing. Really. Blizzard is insanely good with their trailers. And this one for Starcraft 2 is NO DIFFERENT. Just watch this trailer and die slowly in your seat like me.

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Diablo 3 Previews

It appears the guys over at 1up and Kotaku got their chance to get a hold of the Diablo 3 demo!

Thankfully Garnet Lee was given the chance to play for 1up and he choose the wizard. While Kotaku selected the Barbarian. Here’s a quick summing of of the Barbarian experience.

“We were also equipped with two Barbarian skills, Ground Stomp and Battle Cry. The former was hot-keyed to the “2” and, when enabled, stunned everything around the Barbarian. Helpful, when Fallen are surrounding you and Fallen Shamen are tossing fireballs your way. The Battle Cry, on the “1” key, increased our armor class temporarily. If we were playing a multiplayer game, that Battle Cry effect would have been passed on to our party members. But we were doing this quest solo.

The Barbarian’s other skill, Cleaver, was mapped to the right mouse button. Click on it, and our lady brute did a two handed attack on two enemies at once, as long as they were side-by-side. Again, handy when surrounded by Fallen and Sand Wasps. Those Sand Wasps really suck, by the way, ejecting a quartet of mini-Wasps at our hero. Nasty.”

while 1up had this to say about the Wizard Class

“The demo area turned me loose into the desert region Alcarnus. Starting from an outpost, the primary quest was to travel over to Lut Bahadur. After a brief walk through wind-worn ravines, the scene opened up into a sprawling desert with no shortage of enemies who weren’t too please to see me there. Almost immediately, the “Diablo-ness” of this sequel came out. Over-excited by the moment, I charged into the first group of enemies and wound up dead quite quickly. Remembering how to play, I was able to settle into a rewarding tactic of luring a few foes out, freezing them in place with frost nova, moving back and blasting them with arcane orb, and finally mopping up the remainders with the more powerful spectral blade”

I’m 100% sure I’ll try out ALL of the classes. Oh and thank god they’re making Male and Female versions. Diablo 2 sucks in that regard.

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Fable III Announced

Hooray for teasers and videogame events I don’t know about(how’d that happen?), straight from Gamescom ’09, the Fable III teaser.

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